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Dee-Brief: EDM Struggles à La Mode

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Dee-Brief, last week, was topped with whole lotta EDM Struggles. First off, Ibiza is supposed to be known for their stellar line-ups and top-notch headliners. This doesn’t hold true for Paris Hilton. A video was shown of the heiress sharing her outdated ITunes playlist, reapplication of her night face and a clumsily spillage on her equipment.


Apparently, Paris’s claims as a “Top 5 DJ” in the world in 2013, might hold true in how much she gets paid, as one night in Paris, I mean one hour with Paris costs $347,000. Pay up, Beyotches!

Steve Aoki rang in with the 2nd ranking EDM Struggle with another one of his show gimmicks; which resulted in an Epic DJ Booth Knockout. In the video it seems as if Aoki realizes there is no sound and wants the crowd to hurriedly toss him back on stage to cater to his DJ Booth.

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EDM Struggles with Steve Aoki

So Deadmau5 hasn’t caused any #edmstruggles however, his "Purrari" days are over. But it looks like Joel could be turning into a serial peeping Tom with his new love interest, Phantom Drone. I love technology toys too, but OTC drones might be overboard.

EDM Struggles Deadmau5

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Burning Man had some struggles of its own, as Mother Nature sang her own interlude, "It Ain't Opening on Time."

Little did she [Mother Nature] know the party still continued in hotels in Reno, airports and live stream. The live stream was pretty dope to watch as the burners started to arrive the next day, and was nice to see for those who weren’t attendees.

Tragic loss also looms over Burning Man as a woman reportedly fell under a moving bus full of people. Sending positive vibes and condolences to her friends and family.

Burning Man

Let’s try to simmer down from all this electronic music heat and catch the "Holy Ghost!"

Speaking of Ghosts, Insomniac just announced the dates for their "All Hallows Eve," The lineup is wicked and circling around to how Pasquale will be handling their "kandi" and drug problems.  A recent conference call transcript quotes him as saying this,

..."CamelBaks are an easy way to stay hydrated.  We have a group of people called Ground Control. They go around and they make sure that people are okay. They tap them on the shoulder. They even help with people in distress that lost their friends.  And we recently teamed up with the Brent Shapiro Foundation and we're getting creative with them. Something that we’ve been doing is adding these informational cards that you can find inside our festival guides that remind guests to look out for one another and identify people that might need help."

For other helpful drug precautions, please visit

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