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DJ Bander Signals 'The Arrival' Of A New Style: Liquid Trap

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DJ Bander Signals “The Arrival” Of A New Style: Liquid Trap

With each successive release Bander dashes attempts to pigeonhole him into a particular genre. In the past, the up-and-coming producer developed an infectious progressive house sound, similar to the likes of EDX and Mark Knight, but never has he sounded more self-assured than with the lead single and title track of his latest EP, The Arrival.

An arrival all right of a whole new style of dance music. Bander layers minimal breakbeat rhythms over a trap foundation, blending Taryn Blake’s unexpected melodies and smooth, soulful vocals with the looseness of liquid drum and bass.

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Bander doesn't need bombastic synths; the atmospherics in his productions say it all. Every detail in “The Arrival” has been honed to the finest touch, from the blaring horns filtered to their most stirring timbres, to the subtlety of the strings under the power of the beat.

The Arrival heralds the defining moment for an emerging style of dance: liquid trap.

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