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EDM Struggles: The 'Sexy' deadmau5 Halloween Costume

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Dear Females,

There is absolutely nothing sexy about this 'sexy' deadmau5 Halloween costume. I don't even get wtf is going on here... you have wack looking turntables on your "skirt", an iPod stuck on your boobs, and then some bootleg, all-bad, all-jenky furry mau5 head - with what looks like LED yo-yos on the top. What does this even mean?! I'm so confused...

Here are the descriptions for the costumes, taken from this website:

EDM Struggles: The Sexy deadmau5 Halloween Costume

Get the party pumping in Yandy's limited edition, two-piece Sexy DJ costume featuring a white, racer back crop top with a front pocket that holds your cell phone and a metallic silver mini skirt with a record table front. (Light up hat, cellphone, and headphones not included.)

EDM Struggles: The Sexy deadmau5 Halloween Costume

Show love for your favorite jams with this limited edition Yandy Animal DJ hood. Designed in a fuzzy red fabric with giant ears, this hat includes two colored lights that turn on and off, so you can fist pump to your favorite jams day or night! Pair this hat with the Sexy DJ costume for an attention grabbing outfit.

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If you rock this for Halloween this year, you are essentially revealing the following about you.

1. You're a bro-chick
2. Your name is Becky
3. You really like dead mouse five --- and think it's a EDM quintet.
4. You're a fan of struggle
5. U ratchet!

Like luckily, like Dead Mouse Five found out and told us, like about this. OMG totally...

Be careful out there, and always remember... the struggle is real. Really, really real.

UPDATE: Independent sources are reporting that after taking these photos, the model went on to shoot Hungarian gonzo porn.

Via: deadmau5/MTV

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