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Exclusive Premiere: Rekoil - Anger Management [Uplink Audio]


As of right now, when you talk about heavy bass music, the name "Rekoil" maybe isn't at the top of your list. Consider that about to change.

With the upcoming Resurface EP on Uplink Audio, be prepared to make some absurd faces as you headbang and throw your arms around in wild disregard. One track in particular that caught my interest was 'Anger Management,' a heavy drumstep tune with more pent-up rage than a 39-year old roided gymrat being told he isn't getting enough gains. During the breakdowns, it has a slightly cosmic feel, with some spacey synth work, but overall, you're going to get a massive case of whiplash from dancing along with this beast of a tune.

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Look out for Rekoil's Resurface EP dropping on iTunes this Friday. You can pre-order it HERE.

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