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Free Download: Anna of the North "Sway" (Chainsmokers Remix)

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So the Chainsmokers are back with a new track- a free download none the less.  It's remix of  Anna Of The North's "Sway".  The Chainsmokers are breaking from their usual style again, this time going for a little more tropical chillout type of vibe.

It's a good reminder for all of us to chill out, as it's a little hectic out there in the world of EDM culture.  Alex and Drew write: "The negativity all around in music feels crazy. Artists hate blogs, blogs hate artists, youtube comments are literally the most awful thing on the planet, shit is all TMZ like and who cares..."

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Good points dudes... we've all been gettin' a little feisty lately... So let's calm it down and get back to the music for a while.  Here are a few words on how the Chainsmokers put together the remix:

"Anna of the North is this new artist who is so badass. She has an incredible voice, is incredibly cool and when we heard her original song SWAY... it just glowed... if a song was every incandescent it would be SWAY...  She is pretty new and has some cool attention but it just getting go!"

It's a free download, so enjoy.

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