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FREE DOWNLOAD: Baauer & Boys Noize - Fire Like This

Baauer & Boys Noize have released a nursery rhyme… from their Cadillac Brougham (that’s one of those really long hearse-like pieces of metal they allowed on the roads a few decades ago).

“Fire Like This” hopscotches through a schoolyard of drums, claps, and rhymes courtesy of countless samples. The most prevalent being the 1988 jam “Janet Reno” from Anquette. Featuring an uncomfortably serious twist on “This Old Man”, the source material referenced dudes losing their Caddy's because they didn't pay their child support. If you think that’s serious, just wait for the pavement-crumbling bass. Baauer & Boys Noize aren’t here to play nice.

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The duo might just be rattling through your block soon. The free download comes just as the two producers kick off their grand prix-themed tour with Spank Rock, Lido, and Nadus.

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