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Free Download: "The Dance Floor Is Yours" Hardwell ft. W&W


Photo Courtesy:Jordan A. Mermell

Hardwell and W&W have become a force to be reckoned with in EDM Culture -- taking Revealed Recordings by storm with releases such as Trigger, Rocket, The Code, and 2013's banger, Jumper. The strength of their long-term personal and musical relationship are clear with previous heavy releases, and their newest is just as comprehensive. The Dance Floor Is Yours was birthed from a late-night studio session by the trio in their homeland, and has since been a festival and Ibiza dancefloor anthem. Now, the track is being offered to fans as a free download... who doesn't love those, right?

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What's The Catch?

To get your hands on a copy, you must first tweet #DanceFloorIsYours. Once the threshold has been reached the track will be made available to download, giving fans an anthem with which they can claim the dance floor as their own. To check the status of the free download, visit the official website HERE.

For new music & artist information, be sure to keep up with Hardwell and W&W on socials!

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