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[Free Download] Liar - Hyper-Ego (Specialivery Remix)


Fresh off the press, this free download is the perfect track to launch you into your weekend. Romanian bass producer Liar has been on the radar since 2011 -- pushing the melodic-tech boundaries to the limits with every release. Hyper-Ego is loaded with chill chord progressions and Detriot inspired bass measures, complimenting one another throughout the entirety of this funky, house infused track.

Download Liar - Hyper-Ego (Specialivery Remix) Here!

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A little more about Liar...

Liar has flirted with club music throughout the entirety of his output – he’s touched on every conceivable genre and BPM, in the process accumulating quite the arsenal of trax that could warm up a rave, sustain it at peak time, or cool it down at 5 AM. But it’s always been an afterthought in the grand design of his shape-shifting auteur approach.

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