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The FreshLIST 012: New Electronic Music You’ve Never Heard [YouTube]


Magnetic Magazine's FreshLIST has been sourced from the digital ether and curated into a weekly video series for your listening pleasure. With the FreshLIST, you’ll find the five latest highlights uploaded to our YouTube channel: the selection is diverse, the quality is high, and the music is certified fresh.

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Vanilla Ace & Lee M Kelsall feat. Shane Blackshaw - Content

A sultry vocal intertwines with top notch production for yet another masterpiece of nu-disco with this collaboration from Vanilla Ace & Lee M Kelsall.

Trellshells - Whatever, I Don’t Care

This little something something by Trellshells is anything but apathetic… So much passion and fun in this wonderful work of house music and bass influence.

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Deep Asleep! - Vibes

Chill out tune that transcends you to a beach at sunset, when all is right with the world, and you are exactly where you need to be. Simply put, VIBES! VIBES! VIBES!

Siente - I Remember

Nu-Disco that’s got an epic edge! Dive deep with this one, and explore all the wonderful groove coral reefs that the dancefloor has to offer.

Sasha - Baja (Wigzen Revision)

Wigzen brings that progressive zen vision to Sasha’s ‘Baja’ and we’re all about it.

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