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Magnetic Magazine Presents The FreshMIX Volume 1

We are proud and excited to present you with our first ever FreshMIX, compiled from the content curated on our Youtube channel and our weekly FreshLIST.Don't forget to subscribe to the MagneticMag YouTube channel to keep up with all the fresh new music we're serving up daily! The first installment of the FreshMIX was produced by our very own D. Yosh, here are his words:

The first installment of the FreshMIX series was one of the more challenging, but most fun mixes I have worked on as a DJ. The criteria was simple: put together a mix of all the songs we’ve posted on our YouTube channel.

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I started off with about 50 songs, all of which are pretty nice on their own. But these songs are not all the same tempo or genre— and I wanted it to be a cohesive mix that flowed and told a story of all the time and effort our New Music Editor, Kirk Wiliams, put into the station. After a couple of takes, I finally found a good groove, so I stuck with a house music vibe (not to discount any of the other genres by any means). It starts off a little dark and emotional, lifts up to a happier place, and then really uses the songs's own energy.

I hope you enjoy the mix and groove to it. It will live exclusively on YouTube for a week, then we’ll have it on SoundCloud and Mixcloud. If you can’t wait for a download, hit us up ( and we’ll float you a link.

Special thanks to all the artists that have helped us launch our YouTube channel, by giving us permissions to host your music — we could not do it without you.


01. "Good Feeling" (Terranova Remix) - Stereo MCs
02. "Super Star" - S.K.A.M. Feat. Therr Maitz
03. "Turn It Back" Wasabi & L.O.O.P.
04. "Tears And Fears" - The Jaydes
05. "This Feelin'" (Soul Clap's Deepest Dub) - AB/DC
06. Come And Take It (D. YOSH Edit) - Jay Frog & Eric Smax
07. "U+I" Dub Mix - Simion
08."Night Freakin" (Tweak Mix) - Night Safari
09. "How You Feelin'" - Kerem Akdag
10. "Self Inflicted" - My Digital Enemy
11."XTC" (Alloinyx Remix) - Boys Noize
12. "Sticky Cow" Tigerskin

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