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Gadget Review: The Marquee Personal E-Juice Vaporizer

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Gadget Review: The Marquee Personal E-Juice Vaporizer

In the last year or so, it seems that vaporizing has become one of Los Angeles’ favorite pastimes. Everywhere you go, someone is hitting some crazy looking device and blowing out what appears to be large plumes of smoke. But no, it’s just vapor.

Whether you are puffing Tobacco, Cannabis, or E-Juice, the fact is vapor is on the way in and smoke is on the way out. We were recently sent the Marquee Personal E-Juice Vaporizer from our friends at to give it a whirl.

Here are our thoughts:

How Does It Look?

The Marquee has a very clean, almost clinical, look upon first glance. It measures about seven inches in length and a half an inch in width, so size wise it travels very well. The Marquee can be easily concealed in your jeans or jacket pocket while you are on the go, which is super key. Size is important, as you don’t want something that’s too cumbersome or looks like you should be joining a pack of wizards for a vape sesh.

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NOTE: Avoid dragons, skulls, flames, etc. as they are sure to scare the chicks away unless they are witches (if that’s your thing, be you!). The Marquee is the vaporizer James Bond would use, if he were to quit smoking and hit the E-Juice.

How Well Does It Work?

We are more or less novices and managed to get it out of the box, fully charged and puffing in about an hour. The lads at sent us some 0 Nicotine Mango flavored E-Juice to start off our new habit. The instructions were very easy to follow, it charged quickly and it hits very smooth. You can also dial it up or down on the intensity level as well. The construction on the unit is extremely sturdy so it seems like it can take some wear and tear, even if you are hanging out with wizards on a snowboarding trip.


Yes, this thing is quite fun to use even when you are only puffing the 0 Nicotine flavored E-Juice. It leaves a very pleasant flavor, or essence of flavor, in your mouth and is a very relaxing little ritual that would go well with a nice glass of wine or a strong beer.


This is a very sleek and well-made vaporizer, priced right at roughly $70 U.S.  If you are someone that is looking to try this for the first time, you might want to try something a like an ecig or test drive one at your local smoke shop before making the plunge. However if vaporizing is your thing and you are looking for a slick piece of gear that will last, the Marquee Vaporizer is a good bet.

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