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HEMQADE: A Q-Dance Reunion


Not for the lighthearted or the senseless, and no hipsters allowed (sorry we're not sorry.) If the one of the only things you can recall about the 90's dance music scene is HouseQlassics and Qlubtempo -- please, read on. This is just for you.

At the forefront of the hard dance music industry, Q-Dance is proving their presidential seat with the reunion of the century... HEMQADE. From 1991-1992, the sounds of Hard Dance music crept through the valleys and streets of Holland -- summoning the ears and minds of those who craved something more, something different, something harder. HouseQlassics and Qlubtempo were the original Q-Dance productions that put their parties on the map, for good.

Since the inception of hard dance twenty-something years ago and through its current millennial growth, there have been many venues, countless arenas and famous cities we hold responsible for the deepest and most exciting nights of our lives -- but only one truly holds the heart of hardstyle firm in its grasp. The oldest, and perhaps the most famous hard dance temple of the world welcomes back Q-Dance for one last time... Hemkade in Zaandam, we're coming for you.

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Event Information...
HEMQADE - A Q-dance Reunion
December 6, 2014
Hemkade 48, Zaandam (North Sea Venue)

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