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Henry Fong Talks Collabs, Tours, And His Least Favorite Part Of Being A DJ

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By: Greg Difazio

Henry Fong Talks Collabs, Tours, And His Least Favorite Part Of Being A DJ

We had the pleasure of catching up with Henry Fong for a couple minutes at this year’s Electric Zoo Festival in New York City. Henry was able to get his set in before the torrential downpour that washed out day 3 of the festival. Henry and I talked about his latest track ‘Scream’, which was a collab with J-Trick just released Sept. 22nd on Musical Freedom, his upcoming tour with Tommy Trash and a variety of other random Q’s. Enjoy!

When did you and J-Trick decide to collaborate on the track 'Scream'? How is it to work with him and what's your guys relationship like?

We decided to get in the studio when I stopped in Sydney during my Australia tour in July! J-Trick and I had been playing each other's tunes for a while and decided it would be a cool collab!

What are you looking forward to most about the Trashed tour?

Brushing Tommy's mane, haha.

What stop are you looking forward to most? Why?

That's a tough question! I think it's probably LA - it's my hometown now and it's gonna be good to see some friends there!

Any collabs with Tommy while touring on the road together? 

Yes! We're finishing up one now, you'll just have to wait and see!

Future plans after touring?

Of course, more touring haha. I'm actually looking to get a bit more time in the studio to finish off a couple projects I have going too.

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Favorite part about being a DJ/producer?

I love testing out new songs I just made! It's such a cool feeling to play something out to a crowd for the first time ever and see the reaction it gets!

Least Favorite Part about being a DJ/Producer?

Easy - typing tracklists out for guest mixes haha!

Destination you want to go/play that you have not yet?

I really want to play in Greece! I've seen all the DJs post pictures there from this summer and it looks amazing!

Favorite thing about attending college?

College was great. That's actually where I started DJing at the local bars. That being said, my favorite part of college is still how I made life long friends!

Favorite food?

That's an easy one, raw oysters with a dash of hot sauce.

I've always been really into 90s Hip Hop! Anything by Biggie or 2pac!

One secret talent you are good at that you want to share with you fans? (outside of producing/djing) If you weren't a DJ, you would be ...?

I used to work on a fishing boat a long time ago. I grew up on the water, so anything to do with that! I could see myself as a captain doing sport fishing charters haha.

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