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[Interview] Navid Izadi 'unvaeled' In Downtown Los Angeles

[Interview] Navid Izadi 'unvaeled' In Downtown Los Angeles

Strolling into the unvael office,  Navid Izadi exudes a laid back mysterious cool masked in round shades and wide brimmed lid that would make Yoko Ono proud.  A far style leap from when I was first introduced to him nearly a decade ago at an SF after, after party when he was a bay area hip hop head donning a snap back and sneakers.

With his range of influences way wider than that damn hat, it would make sense that the Wolf+Lamb artist would constantly be progressing with his fashion sense organically, the way he does in the auditory paradise of sounds that he creates. From his early days as a rugrat rolling around on his living room floor with Prince records permeating sexual innuendos in the background, it’s no wonder the ‘Crew Love’ Persian prince of funkiness has us feeling purple. Reviews like this one from an online record shop hit the nail on the head;

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“Instant classics suitable for a humid dancefloor, outdoor bbq, unmistakably summertime vibe, crisp new pair of white Levis, your older brothers Latin freestyle mixtapes, Brooklyn concrete, high-tops straight out of the box, and an afternoon cruise around the block.”

From the usual industry jibber jabber of anticipated releases (including 2 albums in the works and a remix by Midnight Magic!) actress, socialite and high priestess of LA party culture, Eleanor Welles was armed with her Southern belle charm and mood ring to retain information on Mr. Izadi. As elusive as Izadi may have appeared adorned in Ankh necklaces and other mystical paraphenelia, it’s clear from this UNVAEL.FM exclusive interview that it wasn’t that difficult to get down to the nitty gritty with this open minded chatty individual. The hard part was left to our poor editor to syphon the shortest amount of footage possible out of the lengthy vibe session of a convo that included light material like the origin of the word “CUNT”, the future of electronic music and paying homage to the Soul Train era and Detroit warehouse days where the DJ was no where to be seen and the show was the crowds reaction expressed by dancing with one another. As a natural reaction to the soulless, sexless, sugar-coated, cookie-cutter "big room" house music being mass-produced, Navid finds a way to pioneer in the electronic game while still kicking it old-school.  Why you ask?...

“Cause it’s a party baby.”
-Navid Izadi

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