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Interview: Techno/House Music DJ Matrixxman Coming To LA This Friday

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Interview: Techno/House Music DJ Matrixxman Coming To LA This Friday

San Francisco based techno DJ Matrixxman is taking the helm this weekend at Los Angeles' storied Making Shapes event, taking place this Friday, September 26th 2014.

Born Charles Duff, techno fans from around the world have come to know Matrixxman for his sound which is heavily influenced by Detroit techno and Chicago house.  His debut EP, 2013's"The XX Files", quickly gained the attention of some of the bigger DJs in the genres, and presently we are getting wind of a new album in the works.

He took a few moments to sit down with Making Shape's founders Jeniluv and Alexandre Mouracade.  Take a read:

We hear you're working on a new full length album. Care to elaborate on it a bit more?

Yes, I am in the midst of working on a full length concept album. It's a lot of work but I am eager to explore the album format as it allows considerably more freedom than a traditional EP or single release. I am relying heavily on machines in an attempt to see how much of a dynamic range I can traverse sonically. Although it will be centered in techno, it will also venture into atmospheric and ambient territories as well.

You’ve done some great white label edits of Sade with your label partner Vin Sol, such as the ‘Never thought’/ ‘Love is stronger’– why the infatuation with Sade?  Is there some other edits you’ll be releasing soon and of who?

Thank you. Although I have been shifting more towards darker techno sounds as of late, I will always adore some proper deep house in the right context. We both just felt that there was a paucity, at least in terms of contemporary interpretations, of the singer's repertoire. No further plans to pursue the whole edit thing although you never know; something perhaps might transpire down the line.

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Lets talk about your studio with label mate Vin Sol, ‘Soo Wavey Headquarters’ in San Francisco. Collectively you two have quite the extensive synth and outboard gear collection, can you tell us about some of your favorite weapons of choice?

While Vin's studio is a formidable weapon instilling sentiments of deep fear and even enmity in the hearts of many a rival producer, mine happens to lie on the more modest side of the spectrum. In Vin's studio I tend to use his Korg Polysix rather frequently while back home at my setup I find myself relying on my Juno 60 and Yamaha DX21. Simple but effective tools.

Excited about your newest release on ‘Delft’ where you collaborated with LA 4A, will there be more coming from you guys soon? Are there any other collaborations in the works worth mentioning to us?

Thank you! Kevin (LA-4A) is a cool and talented dude and his label has some rad stuff on the way. I believe I have a remix of one of his tunes coming out at some point. As far as more coming soon, as mentioned earlier, I am preoccupied with the album that I am writing at present. I can't disclose who is releasing it yet but let's just say that it is a label I look up to immensely.

You have quite the range in music production, from your newest release on  Spectral Sound to the more percussive jacking beats you did for Jimmy Edgar’s ‘ULTRAMAJIC’ label. Is there a specific ‘no holds barred’ formula you’ll be sticking to as Matrixxman?

No. It has merely been a process of refining my vision steadily through throwing darts... creatively speaking. A bit of trial and error, if you will. Sometimes you don't necessarily know which direction you want to head unless you have at it. After experimenting with different flavors of house I came to the conclusion that I was actually drawn to a certain aspect of Chicago Acid that, despite its categorization of house, actually more closely resembles strident, futuristic techno. Tracks like Steve Poindexter's Computer Madness and K. Alexi Shelby's My Medusa in particular. And after further distillations of the thought process I realized I merely want to focus more on the dark and brooding sounds of modern day techno. As cliche as it may sound, playing Berghain undoubtedly informed my artistic vision. It fucked me up frankly. To be able to see techno "in situ," is genuinely life changing. With that said, in the future you'll probably hear less deep house excursions from me, barring a few releases that have already been well in the pipelines. I dunno. At the end of the day I just want to make like, some cold ass post-apocalyptic shit, man.

We know you have deep roots in the hip hop community with some your early productions, can you tell us what inspired you to make you the jump the into techno/house music?

Rap music is dead to me.


Interview: Techno/House Music DJ Matrixxman Coming To LA This Friday

Matrixxman is playing Making Shapes this Friday, along with Kink, Sonns, and resident Jeniluv.  For more information, visit their website.

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