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Label Focus: Reinhardt Records - Where Rules Don't Apply


Reinhardt Records may be a new kid on the block, but its focus on high caliber and top notch quality music is what defines its prospects as burning bright. With their first release by Antenna Happy marking the artist's return after twenty years, you can tell there is a certain sophistication that sets this label apart. With each release being intended to link together, Reinhardt Records is ready to grow and flow with the beautiful music with each release. It's an interesting opportunity to touch base with a label at the beginning, too often we only get the chance to highlight a label at its peak or after its had its moment. I feel Reinhardt Records is building up momentum with its unique aesthetic and artistic approach.

Now, I present to you some of the questions I asked of label head Alex Oxley, and his subsequent answers. Check what he has to say about this burgeoning endeavor! Anyone who is all about getting a label started, definitely check out this unique perspective.

How is 2014 going thus far for Reinhardt records?

Very well indeed. The first half of the year was a sea of planning and lots of paperwork, preparing everything for our first release and making sure Reinhardt got off to a flying start.

How would you sum up Reinhardt Records in 10 words or less?

A home for musicians where genre boundaries and rules do not apply.

You describe music yourself as a music and art imprint, can you tell me what that is all about exactly? What exactly do you mean by the art imprint component?

I don't see a separation between art and music, they are one and the same. I want our label to stand for something, and for people to feel that we give thought and time into both the look and feel of the releases. As things process I plan to bring in more artistic elements to the label, and develop that side further.

How is your first release by Antenna Happy representative of Reinhardt Records? Does it exemplify your direction and ambition?

Start as you mean to go on, as they say! The Pinto EP aims to set the precedent and quality level of the music that will be released on the label. For me what is important is that a thread is being developed, and that each release links together in some way. This may not necessarily be by the genre of music, but more the ecstatic and artistic approach.

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Where would you like Reinhardt Records to be in 3 years? How would you like it perceived? What will it sound like?

Allowing the label to gather momentum at its own pace is key, as I wouldn't want us to ever fall short or under-deliver. The way the industry is now, you only get one chance. However to answer your question, in the years to come I plan to for Reinhardt to develop into a company with many arms and legs. There are lots of plans and projects on the horizon, these will amongst other things include artist albums, label compilations and live and club events.

Why did you start Reinhardt Records?

It has been an ambition for over ten years now to run my own imprint. However the timing was just never right, but moving to Los Angeles last July was certainly a big catalyst and point of change for me. Basically it was crunch time!

What have been the biggest hurdles or obstacles with getting a label started?

Logistically it was a bit of a minefield. I've definitely got some more grey hairs for the pleasure! I didn't want to set the label up half cut, so this meant securing proper distribution for both the physical and digital releases and making sure all my ducks were in a row legally. The best piece of advice I could give anyone starting their own label, make sure all the legal and structural stuff is nailed and watertight early on, that way you won't be backtracking once the wheels are in motion.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Why do you want to run a record label? Lifelong dream? Or just something that has happened?

I'm from Sheffield, and grew up in the Lake District before hurtling down to London in my early 20's. Music is in my blood, and having dj'd since my teens the fascination with record labels has been at the front of my mind for a long time. For me running a record is a logical step, having worked in music for so long now I feel I can really go of it and make the record label the success it should and can be.

Who should we be listening to right now?

Well I'd be biased if I said Antenna Happy wouldn't I, but the new tracks he's been working on are gonna blow the doors off many a discotheque. I have also had the new Rival Consoles EP on high rotation, that gentleman is certainly a talent to be reckoned with. The two Richard Fearless 12”s on Drone are magnificent, and I'm pretty excited for the new Clark release on Warp.

What future releases do you have in store? Any big names we should be excited about?

We're looking at a release every two months or so on Reinhardt. Following the Pinto EP vinyl on September 22nd we have the digital release on October 20th, then shortly after that in November, a batch of Pinto remixes will come from Ashworth, Winter Son, Shengi and Jauge.

The second vinyl release on Reinhardt will also be out at the tail end November, but I can't let the cat out of the bag on that yet.

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