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New Electronic Music: Lapalux - "Movement I, II, & III"

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Rife with emotion and wrinkled with texture, "Movement I, II, & III" is a fascinating look into the heart of Stuart Howard aka Lapalux, the enigmatic UK beat producer who has consistently come out with earthy, experimental sounds for the Brainfeeder label. When it comes to amplifying the power of words, there are few as deft as Lapalux. There is a poetic sibilance to how Howard plays with the noise in this song, and though it may diverge from traditional notions of what dance music is, the payoff is tremendous. Here's what Howard had to say about the track:

This is a piece that moves in three stages: Morning, day, and night. It’s centered around the idea of being in the desert, lost as fuck trying to find something or someone. Or at least that's how I see it. Like Harry Dean Stanton in the film Paris, Texas when he’s mysteriously wandering the desert and remembers nothing.

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"Movement I, II, & III" is out now on Brainfeeder. Buy it here.

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