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VIZO Wins The Magnetic & Mosaics 'Glam' Remix Contest!


Well, they remixed it, then you voted on it, and now we have a winner! It was a photo finish, down to the wire, neck and neck, but ladies and gentleman, we are pleased and proud to present to you the winner of the Magnetic Magazine & Mosaics ‘Glam’ Remix Competition


VIZO’s tropical disco twist on ‘Glam’ really got the initial judging panel very excited when we first heard it. Top notch production and a very keen ear for a style on the rise is evident and strong with VIZO’s remix. So, play it once, play it twice, play it again and again. We know we’ll be hearing more from VIZO, not only did he win the contest, our respect, but he won us as fans too! Oh, and did we mention VIZO is a graphic designer too?

To all the contestants, we loved all of your submissions! It is great to know the Magnetic Magazine community is creatively strong! It was not easy to narrow it down, you all did a great job and we celebrate all of you, and we assure you, we will be listening to you all as well!

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Now, here are a few words from the victor VIZO!

“I was born in Pretoria, South Africa and started playing piano at the age of six. Throughout my life I have loved creating, composing and finding new forms of art. I have been highly interested in graphical arts, film and music as long as I can remember. Once I was introduced to creating music electronically, I instantly became hooked and was inspired by various electronic artists, especially through Soundcloud.

I was able to discover an abundance of new genres and styles of music through numerous online music platforms. There was so much talent that I had listened to, it urged me to start using a copy of pro tools 8 and an Axiom midi controller, which my dad picked up for my brother and I. That was about 3 years ago and I still use both today with my music.

I was able to create my take on "GLAM" while visiting my parents in Germany, earlier this summer; all of my good feelings went into this remix.

Numerous artists including Oliver Nelson, Tobtok and Kygo have also been my biggest inspirations when it comes to producing this style of disco. I would say that nu-disco is my favorite genre for making someone feel great. Making something that other people enjoy is also an amazing feeling. I become happier when introduced to new music, and while I love producing music, sharing it is my favorite part.” - VIZO (Michael Dorner)

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And, to close it all out, and because you should listen to it again and again, here is the wonderful original from Mosaics.

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