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Miley Cyrus Struggles With Kandi At NYC Fashion Show

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Miley Cyrus Struggles With Kandi At NYC Fashion Show

Kandi Kids are having a rough go of it as of late. First they get banned from the Mad Decent Block Party for being drug smugglers, and now Miley Cyrus is exploiting them as a fashion trend.

Yup, it took place out in NYC, where our favorite little wrecking ball teamed up with fashion designer Jeremy Scott for the Dirty Hippie collection. Photos were posted all over Instagram, and there was even a beaded five footer bong and a dildo... smoking a joint. Super cool and edgy right?

No word on if Miley smuggled any molly in the kandi. From the looks of things, if she did, it definitely would have tested positive for bath salts.

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Check out the poser pose on Instagram.  If we were making Kandi right now, it would have a sad face on it. Is nothing sacred anymore?

Via: Mixmag

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