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Native Instruments New KONTROL S8 DJ Controller [TEASER]

Check out Native Instruments' teaser for the Traktor KONTROL S8 controller!

Native Instruments recently spilled the beans on the KONTROL S8, a revolutionary new gadget that's changing how DJs interact with their controller -- just check the LCD display! Quality. Unfortunately, howls from the techno-beyond beckon for the jog-wheel to head towards the light, as we see Native Instruments take a leap of faith and replace them with HD displays. In the wake of Numark's NV controller, the focus has shifted towards controller independence, and it looks like Native Instrument's hopped on the band-wagon to offer a higher-end alternative. The price has yet to be announced, but you can bet your arse it'll be worth it. The video is about as revealing as Her Majesty the Queen at a state funeral, but we'll take what we can get. Nebulous blurbs about it's potential as "The Next Big Thing" fill the void that Ibiza's crowd of posh 20-somethings left behind, but we're still waiting on something more concrete from Native Instruments. Until then, here's the scoop from Traktortips.

Keep your fingers crossed and your bank statements in the black, because the S8 promises an innovative take on the modern controller that'll deliver a personal touch to those brave enough to buy it.

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