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New Electronic Music: Top Techno Chart [Week #37]


Vonce there vas darkness and zen there vas techno. So you vanted ze techno? Vell, you iz going to get ze techno. Hear me now, and hear me forever, this Top Techno Chart iz going to knock your socks off this veek, yes? Ve vill not act like ve care though, because ve are ze techno. Ze beats are deep, they vill friend you on facebook and then unfriend you because zey are so hot. I do not know vhy things vere so crazy and so many good choons vere released, but ze techno gods are benevolent and very cool, uber party type, ja? So, you should like definitely, totally listen these techno songs many times because vat else were you planning to do this veekend?

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1. “Faux” John Beltran, Text Records
Four Tet drew my attention with a simple repost of this, and the rest is blissful beautiful history. This is what we need more of, but not too much, or this special song would lost its value… This song will age very well.

2. “Subconscious” Erol Alkan, Fabric/Phantasy Sound
Erol Alkan’s got a fabric mix out now and this is what he worked up customlike for that consistently excellent compilation series.

3. “Speaker Language” Danny Daze & Translucent, Kompakt - Speicher
What a collab! Danny Daze is one

4. “Thesseus” Locked Groove
Mythologically titledd techno is always a sure fire way to get me nerding out pretty hard, but Locked Groove makes it so cool.

5. “Fire Like This” Boys Noize & Baauer, Boysnoize Records
This track has received mixed reviews from what I have read, but people! Variety is the spice of life! If you wanted these two men to just do the same thing over and over again, day in and day out, you should go hangout at the DMV! I applaud the boys who makes noize and that Baauer coming up strong.

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6. “Before the Sunrise (Dixon Remix)” Joy Wellboy, Innervisions
This one has been around for a minute, but I couldn’t overlook it. It needs its time in the sun, the feels are real.

7. “Fuck” Brian Gros, Minus
Pardon your language, but thank god for the first amendment. Minus is just the best, and Brian Gros made it a whole lot better and sassier with this tune of the word that can be used anyway and anytime.

8. “Burn” Jimmy Edgar, Ultramajic
Jimmy Edgar, you crazy! This guy has techno in his veins and bringing it hard

9. “Unfurla” Clark, Warp Records
Warp is where the monsters of music come out to play, the titans, the great ones, the producers who give zero fucks about anything other than absolute art. Clark, you are doing big, big things, but you don’t need me to tell you!

10. “Workout” Truncate, Cocoon
Recommended to my by the wonderful Dan Duncan of Pig&Dan, this number really gets you sweating!

11. “Clinical Trial” Mosca, Not So Much
Mechanical but ever so rhythmic, this is the perfect tune for stylish robots to bust it up and break down to. It is hypnotic, lose yourself with this one, but be careful if you start seeing binary.

Oh and you can put this whole playlist chart in your techno pipe and smoke it!

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