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New Electronic Music: Top Techno [Week #35]


The devoted followers of the techno school of thought, this week’s Top Techno chart is highly esteemed and honored to feature the return of a God among other godly producers. Techno is showing no signs of slowing, only getting better and growing. The techno on this list is fresh and at the forefront of what is going on , and that's why Berghain is the image, the mecca of all things techno and underground. It is dark and beautiful and touching on all facets of the human condition and emotional spectrum. We should all take something more away from this week’s selections, take all of this as inspiration to improve, innovate and excel in our daily lives. Now, on with the show and on with the weekend! Magnetic Magazine’s Top Techno chart begins!

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1. “minipops 67 [120.2] [source Field Mix]” Aphex Twin, Warp Records
It’s hard to define the man, the myth the legend, but so excited for the new album after 13 years! When asked by Rolling Stone about how he feels about the album, “Horny. I’m feeling really horny about it…”

2. “I Am The Whisper” Riton ft. Molly Beanland, NEST
Diving deep into the dark ether of techno, Riton works up a tune that just won’t stop.

3. “KW01 - Klockworks” Ben Klock, Klockworks
Starting off strong with the first release on his label, Ben Klock stands true to his reputation as a top notch, refined techno producer.

4. “Marionette Like Fucker” Snork, Snork Enterprises
This song is fun, it’s adult certainly, but oh so much fun. Great vibe and I feel a little bit of comedy with the sample, although that might be me projecting.

5. “Levo” Recondite, Innervisions
An unreleased track from the always amazing Recondite. It goes deep, and there is always something great going on in the depths of Recondite’s creative talents.

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6. “A Matter of Time (Frank Widemann Remix)” Alex Banks ft. Elizabeth Bernholz, September 5
One half of Ame does his thing and the end result is a acidic roller rework that you need in your life.

7. “Rollin” Jay Lumen, Octopus Recordings
Let the rollers roll on through! The groove is undulating over and over again with this latest gem from Jay Lumen!

8. “3B3” John Digweed & Nick Muir Featuring the Voice of John Twelve Hawks, Bedrock Records
The titans are together again collaborating on yet another hit. It’s diverse and wonderful in its highs, lows and everything in between.

9. “Deep In Your Soul” Alex Sibley, Ben Seagren, Selected Records
The song certainly dives deep and moves your soul to get dancing, wonderful collaboration from two producers on the rise!

10. “Space Bass” Aaron Snapes, dirtybird
A new dirtybird addition with the latest in tech house innovation! What is not to love about Space Bass? Seems like it’s got a bit of everything excellent going on.

And for your techno listening pleasure, the full playlist of the chart!

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