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New Progressive House: Jeremy Olander - The Jackie EP

The Jackie EP is a progressive wonder. One of those pieces of music that is able to reach you on the deepest level. Every track captivates with ease by allowing you to sink into it rather than smack you with a forced melody.

The lead single has the rare ability to lift you up and completely remove you from your environment. It's a euphoric classic. Simple as that. “DLIGTY” and “Lauderdale” are worthy secondary tracks but neither has the same kind of resonating power.

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Jeremy Olander has been creating tracks like these for a while, and if he’s not in your sights it’s time to refocus. Daydreams are made of “Jackie”. It's one of his best tracks yet and that says a lot given the brilliance of previous releases like “Petroleum” and “Blabla”. Download The Jackie EP now and prepare to drift away.

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