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Numark Triple Release: Headphones, Controller, Speakers

Numark Triple Release: Headphones, Controller, Speakers

Numark came at us with the triple-threat this time! With the release of the NDX500 Controller, the N-Wave 360, and the HF125 Headphones, Numark's gear catalog is seeing some of its most affordable additions without taking a dive in quality. Check out these three new tools to get your music going when and wherever you want without breaking your bank!

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Here's a glance review for the NDX500, the first part of Numark's gadget hat-trick

The 500 is a versatile (albeit clunky-looking) controller that allows you to DJ on the go, with the functionality of a Numark Mix Deck minus the mixer. The I/O face features RCA out, remote, and USB ports so you can set up in a pinch. For the old(ish)-school DJ, the Numark allows you to mix from CDs as well as any software you plug into it, even your iTunes. The NDX500 will retail for $249, which is chump-change considering its independent don't-need-no-man functionality. While it's designed to work with Serato (what isn't these days?), it's designed to plug-n'-play with your Mac or PC. While there doesn't seem to be much improvement from the NDX400, the newest addition to the family promises on-the-go playability and multi-platform mixing with Numark's high-quality standard.

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Numark Triple Release: Headphones, Controller, Speakers

Perfect for your bedroom sets, the N-Wave 360 speakers from Numark provide an insanely low-budget option for DJs everywhere, check it out!

First things first, the N-Wave 360 speaker system goes for $100, that’s one hundred. If you’re still reading and need convincing, here’s what you’re getting yourself into. Both speakers have three drivers, including a 3’’ subwoofer and 1’’ silk-dome tweeter. The host speaker has a bass-boost switch (‘cause f*ck mid/high frequencies!), and a 1/8’’ stereo/Sub out. Producers take heed, the N-Wave speakers are not Monitors. While they’ll deliver crisp sound and precise dynamics, they won’t accent your technical flubs like monitors will. Precision audio comes at a cost, but Numark has taken a bold step into a new market prevailing recently, the bedroom DJ. If you’re at all like me, you’ve spent days locked-up, subsisting off of questionable-mostly-pepperoni-food-like-product because you spent all your money on those sick new JBL monitors. Well, Numark’s tailored their new speakers to the pajama-clad producers like me (you), and while the 360s aren’t going to skyrocket your career, they’re a good place to start, and are the perfect party-starter for your basement bangers.


Another affordable addition to the Numark collection, the HF125 DJ headphones.

Currently the most affordable item in Numark's Headphones catalogue, the HF125s are any budding DJ's best friend. You get what you pay for when it comes to this industry, and unfortunately, $30.00 can't get you very far these days. The frequency response (20hz - 20,000hz) can be found in any $3.00 HelloKitty earbuds, and the impedance (32ohm) is half that of a typical monitor headset. That said, you can find them new on Amazon for $10, and that's something to write home about. Their coverage is likely ziltch, but damn if they don't look comfortable, and the price is right, after all. Despite it's shortcomings, the HF125 truly is a great addition to the Numark family, and it's nice to see developers catering to kids without trust funds or rich Daddys.

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