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A Few Reasons Why the 90s Rave Scene Sucked Compared To Today's

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A Few Reasons Why the 90s Rave Scene Sucked Compared To Today's

Come out ye 'EDM sucks' geriatric/hipster trolls! Matt Chittock, a writer for Mixmag, is saying that the 90s rave scene was pretty much shit compared to today's. OK maybe he doesn't go that far, but he does make some valid points.

It's all in his piece called "(Un)Accecptable In The 90s", where he gives 12 reasons why EDM culture back then was not as tight as it is today. The best part is, he was present during that era, so it's not just some rook' trying to put on big boy pants. Yeah, it's a bit tongue-in-cheek, but a lot of it is true.

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Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Crap licensing laws. In the 90s pubs still shut at 11pm and clubs chucked out at two. And yes – the legendary raves were definitely 24 hours: but after 1993 drug dealers and assorted gangsters made them scarier than a bath tub full of rattlesnakes.

3. Uppity record shop staff. Getting served in old-skool dance stores meant running the gauntlet of the dickhead owner and his sniggering mates who’d openly laugh at your choices. Which always cost a tenner. Of your own hard-earned money. From his fucking shop. Many of us welcomed the internet-driven record shop holocaust, and aren’t ashamed to say it.

4. Useless vinyl records and CDs. Because however much DJ Sneak bangs on about ‘the soul of the sound’ MP3s ain’t never going to be scratched up, nicked, bent out of shape or covered in blim burns by the end of the night.

5. Really strong ecstasy. OK, so getting on one 90s-style was the ideal accompaniment to acid house – but for every ageing raver rhapsodising about the power of white callies there’s a gibbering middle-aged wreck who’s been scared to leave the house since he got back from Shelleys.

9. Horrible fashion. The rave fashion fantasy: cool kids in Moschino wearing tiny sunglasses and vogueing to 'Strings Of Life'. The reality: a freezing warehouse stuffed with dayglo muppets with a middle shed and John Lennon specs eating their own faces.

12. Crap records. Whatever ageing ravers tell you, it wasn’t all wall-to-wall dance classics back then. Italian piano house, comedy rave records and (much, much later) Big Beat did more to kill off acid house than (allegedly) rat-poison-laced pills ever did.

Check out them all on Mixmag.

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