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Red Bull Music Academy Culture Clash Comes to San Francisco!


There is a rumbling in the bay, and no it's not another earthquake... From the sonically unique corners of the Bay Area, four major musical collectives will descend upon San Francisco's Regency Ballroom for a very, very special event on October 1st. They will go head to head with their sounds, they will flex their creative prowess against each other and battle it out to win the favor of the crowd. Ladies and gentleman of the San Francisco Bay Area, we are pleased to announce the Red Bull Music Academy Culture Clash finally comes to San Francisco!

A rare and unique event, the Red Bull Music Academy Culture Clash is a glorious event modeled after an authentic Jamaican sound clash, wherein four collectives bring their own sound system, their strongest members and post up at four individual stages. This is not a battle of the DJs or some sort of talent show, this is a celebration of San Francisco music culture with each local crew putting it all out their with their heaviest sounds, best tunes, secret weapons, and most excitingly greatest special guests. It is a peaceful event that is all love and music, but it is very much a clash! Thus calling out opponents, mockeries, etc. are explicitly encouraged, so this is where people stop being polite, and start being RBMA Culture Clash! At the end of the day though, it does not really matter who wins because it's a glorious celebration of Bay Area music culture in all its glory, all under one roof clashing!


Started back in 2010, the Red Bull Music Academy Culture Clash series has traveled the world over from London to Los Angeles and then some with some of the biggest and brightest talents in music today such as Major Lazer, Trouble and Bass, Dim-Mak and LuckyMe to name a few collectives and crews. Oh, and let's not forget the surprise guest acts that have graced the culture clashes over the years are names on par with the major clash participants such as Pusha T, George Clinton, DMX, Usher, Robin S and 2 Chainz...


Now, the format of the clash is the real interesting thing to note! This isn't like your high school battle of the bands, but rather it's a show broken into four rounds: 1. TEMPERATURE RISING, 2. THE SELECTOR, 3. SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY, 4. THE DECIDER. The last three of the rounds are voted on by the crowd based on a series of criteria with the crowd's reaction being the major determining factor for each round winner. There is a decibel meter that measures the cheers and applause as definitive judge. There are rules of course, with a STRICT "NO REPEATS" rule so once a record is played, that record is done and if its played by anyone again, they are disqualified for the round. So crews better come correct and be ready to adapt!

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This is the first round, effectively a free play where the collective takes the crowd's temperature and sets the tone for its stage. Basically, a nice to meet ya! How you feeling? This is who we are, are you ready to love us and make us the winner? Expect this round to be a first date for everyone, crew and crowd alike.


The round where the judgment focuses on tune selection and presentation. The real talent of your crew's taste and showmanship is the emphasis, and so expect this round to be very serious.


Now here is where things get creatively interesting with the collectives being forced to to play an opponent's preferred genre and style of music. The real winner should find this to be no issue at all, the real losers will probably fall on their face. Let's hope all the crews keep this one amazing because it's always good when we experiment with something a little bit different!


This is where everyone goes all in and goes all out leaving nothing on the table, throwing down their baddest tunes and going for broke. This is the real fun round where the special guests pop up and exclusive live performances occur as the collectives really get creative with their RBMA Culture Clash choices.


Finally, the winner is chosen after all the rounds and the crowd has voiced their opinions. The winner closes out the night as a victor and playing a final victory lap set of their choice.

The crews for the Red Bull Music Academy San Francisco Culture Clash are dirtybird vs Tormenta Tropical vs Dub Mission vs Triple Threat DJs. Stay tuned for my next article on each crew coming next week... We'll highlight their strengths and let you know what thoughts each crew has on how to win the RBMA Culture Clash! Oh and of course, we'll be keeping you up to date live from the event on 10/1! A full recording of the evening will be streamed on Red Bull Music Academy Radio shortly after the event at

And here is the event info:

Date: October 1, 2014
Location: The Regency Ballroom: 1290 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94109
Ages: 21+
Doors Open at 9pm
Tickets are available for purchase at
Join the conversation on Twitter: @redbullsfo@rbma #CultureClash

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