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Rob Gasser - Get Mad EP [Cloudhead Records]


For the level of production on this EP, Get Mad, you would think that Rob Gasser would be a bigger name. And it's really unfortunate that he isn't.

Rob first started catapulting to popularity about 8 months ago after he began working with Insan3Lik3 and Nitro Fun, both Monstercat alumni. Monstercat has long been an incubator for smaller producers, and I'm glad that Rob has finally found a platform in Cloudhead Records, founded by Fox Stevenson, to showcase his immense talent.

The EP has a great blend of glitch and dubstep, with plenty of energy to spare. Wonderful basslines and very inventive and original melodies, along with a strong sense of sound design, prove that he should be up in the upper echelons of dance music. Regardless, he'll get there eventually if he keeps putting out work like this.

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The four-track EP is available now as a Beatport exclusive and will be available on iTunes 10/6.



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