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The Seven Most Tired Topics In EDM Culture - Can We Not?

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These Seven Topics In EDM Are Really Tired - Can We Not?

It seems like whenever we post on certain subject matters, all the Jeff Albertsons (aka know-it-alls, trolls, and smart asses) come out from under their bridges and argue about the most mundane, hashed out topics in EDM culture.

Guess what? You're not saying anything new, and a lot of of times you are just plain wrong. Forming facts based off of opinions is like telling a lie to keep a promise... let that sit for a minute.

We are all guilty of it (yes, even us).  But in the works of the great Rodney King, "Can't we all just get a long?" (calm down,  quoting Rodney King does not mean biased towards the 90s).

Let's all put down our swords and stop arguing about these seven topics:


The Seven Most Tired Topics In EDM - Can We Not?

EDM - it is an acronym for an umbrella term: Electronic Dance Music.  That is all.  It is not a sub genre. The usage of the term goes all the way back to the 1990s (even the respected Resident Advisor has used "electronic dance music" to describe the sound evolving out of 1980s Chicago), but it has become more popular as of late as the boom reaches critical mass.  So when the bro yells "it's not EDM, bro" or when the hipster snidely remarks "I don't listen to EDM, only house and minimal-gabber-tech" they are both doing it wrong.  We agree, it should be used sparingly when talking about the culture as a whole.  While house music falls under the term "EDM",  if you're talking specifically about house music, refer to it as house music.  If we all take the time to know and educate each other on the history of the genres, EDM will no longer be an issue.


The Seven Most Tired Topics In EDM - Can We Not?

These are the types of circular arguments that go nowhere, fast.  Your era probably was better than today's, and worse. On the flip, today's EDM scene is pretty awesome, and pretty god awful - just like in 1996.  Talented DJs, shitty DJs, independents/corporations, good music, terrible crap music, good drugs, bad drugs- they were present back then and present now...

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The Seven Most Tired Topics In EDM - Can We Not?

For you, it might be all about the music, and the more power to you for the ability to get that natural high.  For others, it might be all about the music and some sort of chemical companion - (yes MDMA, but also THC, alcohol, nicotine, et cetera, et cetera).  To not recognize this is myopic and dangerous.  If you are involved in EDM culture, music in general, or society as a whole, you are around people that use some sort of drug to either feel normal, or get high.  It is something that we need to accept first and only then we can start addressing the problems that stem from it.


The Seven Most Tired Topics In EDM - Can We Not?

For you, the uber-hipster that discovers new genres before they are even invented yet, this may be true.  But just because you reject the genre the day a term is coined, that doesn't mean the masses are going to do the same. According to the hipsters, dubstep has been dead for a few years now, trap for about a year, yet these genres are still going strong.  Sure, they might not be as hot as before, but a lot of people are still feeling it... let them live.   Instead of wishing a genre death-- why not wish innovation and hope it thrives?


The Seven Most Tired Topics In EDM - Can We Not?

I love vinyl. I will never stop owning it or buying it.  And nothing beats that sound of an all vinyl set on a finely tuned rotary mixer with a DJ who can rock the EQ's.  But there are also merits to all digital Pioneer DJ system with crispy .wav (not mp3's, bro) files and a DJ who knows how to work the effects. Good DJs bring the best out of their equipment, no matter what it is.  Hell, if you can kill it on a laptop, be you.  Do your thing brothers and sisters...


The Seven Most Tired Topics In EDM - Can We Not?

"We regret to inform you that, in an effort to keep you safe, your favorite festival is banning all means of smuggling contraband onto the premises."   It's going to happen, just deal and adapt.  No need to get feels.


The Seven Most Tired Topics In EDM - Can We Not?

If you say "PLUR is dead", that just means you are doing your part to ensure all the evil doers like corporations, bath-salt pushers, press play DJs, and ghost producers will win.  Peace, love, unity, respect... We need more of this, not just in EDM culture, but in the world as a whole.  The moment you say it's dead, that means you're no longer encouraging these four elements to thrive in our community.  Not to get all PLUR, but I'm gonna get all PLUR-- We need to make sure PLUR lives on.  Feel me?

P.S. "Respect" means, amongst other things, respect for the scene... that means that we won't let the struggle monkeys and tourists in without making sure they know the ropes and respect (there's that word again) those that paved the way. Olds should respect the noobs, but the noobs have to respect what has been built before...

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