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[Time Capsule] Take A Look At The 1990s EDM Scene In This Video


[Time Capsule] Take A Look At The 1990s EDM Scene In This Video

Dance International Video Magazine Vol. 1 (1990 VHS)

This YouTube vid of Dance International Video Magazine Vol. 1 popped up on my Facebook feed today and I had to take a look. It's about an hour long and features footage of artists, DJs and the party scene back in LA and NYC- from the raves to the record stores (Shout out to Street Sounds on Melrose -- at their old upstairs location!).

Old school LA DJs like Frankie Bones show up, mullet and all... and there is even a cameo from the the one and only George Clinton.

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A little back story on the video magazine- These were VHS tapes that you could pick up at record stores and what not. They weren't just limited to EDM culture vids- there were skate, surf, and snowboard ones as well. They were the next big thing for a minute but then pretty much disappeared because the internet.

Goes to show that electronic dance music culture has been around for decades. Sure, today's scene maybe very different from that of days past, but you can still see some striking similarities.

P.S. interesting to note it was put out by BMG Video.

Check out volume 2 featuring Dee-Lite and the Jungle Brothers...

Special thanks to Ron D Core for sharing this...

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