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Top 10 Chart - Drum & Bass and Drumstep This Week

My apologies for putting this up a day late, my weekend has been absolutely hectic. This week is still pretty DnB heavy, with only one drumstep track just rounding out the list. There's no real theme or strong contender this week, with releases ranging from J-Pop remixes to just straight-up liquid tunes. There's also a bunch of free downloads this week, always nice to know.

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1. Crystal Fighters, Love Alight (Culture Shock Remix)
Crystal Fighters are a great group that blend EDM and vocalists, and Culture Shock has done this remix true justice. It's soulful and well-designed, and makes great use of the original vocals.

2. Icicle, The Edge feat. Metropolis
Icicle is one of DnB's favorites, and this track should only serve to solidify that position. The groove is unique in DnB and the synth work is super fresh. The description also mentions a forthcoming album, so be on the lookout for that.

3. Vena Cava, Tsundere
Vena Cava is an LA-based producer who chose to go the breaks route with this bouncy tune. It has a really interesting feel to it that makes me think of that one scene in a movie, when the main character walks into an underground techno club. FREE DOWNLOAD.

4. Xilent, Falling Apart feat. Grimm (Rameses B Remix)
Rameses B was featured last week for his new EP, and he's already back with this fresh remix for Xilent. It's nothing like the usual liquid that we're used to, but it's not necessarily a banger either -- it has great design and rhythm, and makes use of song structure rather than a rise/drop + rise/drop format.

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5. Maduk, Ghost Assassin VIP feat. Veela
Artists often make VIPs to their own tracks to play out live, in order to keep the crowd interested, but they're rarely ever released. Maduk basically said "Fuck that" and has given out this edit to his track 'Ghost Assassin' for free. Strong liquid vibes and a powerful vocal performance from Veela make this track one to keep in your library. FREE DOWNLOAD.

6. Porter Robinson, Sad Machine (Draper Bootleg)
I really loved the Tut Tut Child bootleg, but Draper has done an excellent job, as well. It takes a completely different approach to the track, focusing more on the rolling synths and beat. FREE DOWNLOAD.

7. Just Kennedy, Kimball feat. Samy Language
It's a pretty good track, but when the vocals drop in it takes a turn toward amazing. The piano chords keep that melodic feel along with the bassline, but the rap vocals give it this huge injection of energy that's absolutely contagious. FREE DOWNLOAD.

8. Fliwo, I Got You
Fliwo, whom I've never heard of before, makes a strong case for himself with this sultry liquid release. In terms of liquid tracks in general, this one is nothing special. It has a good bassline, strong vocals and good drum work. FREE DOWNLOAD.

9. あの夏で待ってる 特別編 ED, Point At Infinity (Asterisk DnB Remix)
It seems like I have a J-Pop remix at least once a week now; I swear I'm not actually going out and looking for them. The J-Pop groove and vocals just make for really good remixing. FREE DOWNLOAD.

10. Virtual Riot, We're Not Alone (PhaseOne Remix)
PhaseOne rounds off the list this week with the sole drumstep track, and it's pretty damn dirty. Remixing Virtual Riot's 'We're Not Alone', PhaseOne takes the vocals and pretty much puts the rest of the track through a dirty-izer, adding growls, synths and whatever was within reach. The result is worth a listen.

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