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Top 10 Tropical House Tracks: Week 38

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Top 10 Tropical House Tracks: Week 38

There’s this beautiful moment I experience every time I’m driving back from a show in Los Angeles. The city glows in neons and ambers looking like the embers of the once burning fire of the day. I coast around these empty streets and highways, soaking in a tranquil calmness that is rarely experienced in this ferocious, funky city. The lights blur, the music drips from my speakers and it just feels serene and surreal all at once. This freedom of flying around the empty carnival of LA is our soundtrack for the week. Whether it be finding an empty coastline highway on your drive home from work or cruising through the cosmos of city lights we all need a breath and these tender tracks latch onto your whole body and let you breath a little deeper. Unleash the chill…

1. “You & I” Sons of Maria, Enormous Tunes
Sons of Maria’s rework of the Tracy Chapman classic is made of the finest silk. Roll down the windows, feel the fresh air blow through your hair and escape to a paradise wonderland in your ears. The Barcelona talent is making music that sounds like sangria and sunshine and recently put out a track with my crush Nora En Pure. Everything coming out of the Enormous Tunes camp is absolutely gorgeous.

2. “Blush” Mr Twin Sister, Twin Group
Our next track embraces you from the first second, wrapping you up in soft sheets and groovy, loungey licks. The New York quintet Mr Twin Sister is a dream pop juggernaut with an EP coming out on their own label September 23rd that is sure to find your sweet spot. There’s an older feel to the song - like buzzing in a digital jazz club shrouded in soft purple light, listening to a jazz temptress singing about something sweet that you’d like to have but know you shouldn’t...

3. “California” StarRo, SOULECTION
This is what you call a daymaker. Put the top down, turn the speakers up and let the palm trees bounce while you cruise the streets. The future soul song glides through on the backs of an eclectic mix of synth zips, crushing beats, hushed horns, drum pops and a flurry of savory guitar chords. It embraces everything cool about the beautiful state I call home and takes a road trip in styles and emotional peaks along the coast.

4. “Dear Mama (Boehm Remix)” 2Pac
Game respect game Mr. Boehm. This is a bold tropical house jammer remixing an absolute mega classic by the west coast’s finest. Not a lot of caribbean composing has been done on the rap game but the Romanian producer absolutely nails it with a all the island essentials lifting the spirits of the song. I like the confidence.

5. “Shudder” BASECAMP
A hot summer night, a warm rain, a parked car overlooking the city lights - “Shudder” is all these things with a hot and heavy R&B house vibe. Nashville’s BASECAMP makes you melt in the palm of whoevers hand you are or should be holding and their sophmore EP will surely mesmerize when it drops this fall. Check out the remix by Twinztrack as well for some extra spice on this delicious track.

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6. “Jack (Malecka Remix)” Breach
French producer Malecka takes one of the hottest songs of the year and brings it down to earth with a whispering guitar overlay and pleasant percussion pallette. Check it out on Magnetic’s YouTube page full of awesome curated content and premieres for your listening pleasure.

7. “Illusion of Seclusion” Photay
An absolute instrumental dreamscape explodes from the speakers and this neverending story of a song sends you to a whole new world. This experimental electronic has a great spirit behind it in Photay who recently released a self titled EP that dips you into its uncharted waters with every turn. There’s strong percussion influences from a trip abroad and an opening that has glitchy, synth pulsing glimmers of Deadmau5’s newer work.

8. “Colours” Haukjem
This is the second time I’ve mentioned Haukjem in the last month and for good reason. The emerging tropical house producer is creating original work unlike many of his remixing brethren in the scene and this courage to get ahead in the flourishing genre sets him apart from the rest. The wood flute and jammy bass line claps give this track wings as it flies through sunkissed rainforest canopies.

9. “Huron River Drive” Shigeto, Ghostly International
Write what you know they say. The Michigan-bred Shigeto truly has a thriving talent, transporting you to a ride along his home state’s Huron River. He sounds like a future Vince Guaraldi with his jazzy vibes and floating instrumentals. This song is a bit older but was recently curated by graphic designer and painter Michael Cina for a series of mixtapes for the Ghostly International label. This label is unique in that it brings on not only musicians and producers but visual artists as well.

10. “Fortify” Kate Miller, Karma Artists Music Group
We have a new siren on the scene in Kate Miller. The 19-year-old muse hailing from North London has a new five song LP full of brooding, soothing tracks simmering with lush house driven instrumentals and her magnetic voice. She has great company on her new label with nu-disco talent Monsieur Adi. Let’s hope they work together soon.

Artwork by Troy Spino of Los Angeles

Check out the full chart here:

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