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Top Drum & Bass and Drumstep Songs 2014 [Week #39]

I had a difficult time finding tracks for this week… until I didn't. Some weeks, like last week, I find all the tracks I need days in advance. Other weeks, like this week, I don't find any tracks at all until the night before when I can't sleep. Also, SoundCloud's "Explore" algorithm sucks so bad. The top 3 tracks under Drum & Bass were Future Bass. I like it, SoundCloud, but it's not what I'm looking for. Get your head in the game!! There's a lot of really solid liquid this week, mostly liquid in fact, so I just kind of went with it. A lot of the artists are also very unknown, many I've never heard of before. But be sure I'll be keeping my eyes open from now on. No drumstep this week, interestingly enough. Let's go!

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1. Kove, Still High
This track comes from their forthcoming EP 'Murmurations', out October 5th on MTA Records. The drum pattern is simple, but the depth of layers from the simple ethereal synths to the warbly bassline are amazing.

2. Hugh Hardie, Closer
Liquicity is always a wonderful resource for new music, and I love finding new artists from them. Hugh Hardie did a great job with this very peaceful and powerful track. It sounds sort of futuristic, like if you were sailing on solar flares. (I don't know, it's early. Leave me alone.)

3. Elliphant, Only Getting Younger feat. Skrillex (Milo & Otis Remix) [Evol Intent VIP Edit]
One of the few non-liquid tracks this week, that title was so epic I had to include it. It's a great edit of an otherwise already great track. FREE DOWNLOAD.

4. Doctor Werewolf, Ladies & Gentleman
I featured Doctor Werewolf back in May, and I'm happy to have him on the chart once again. The track starts off strong and doesn't really take a second to breathe, which definitely works in this track's favor. It's got a wonderfully creative bassline and isn't afraid to throw in some 808 snares just to spice things up.

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5. Pennygiles, Fluid Motion
Thanks to SoundCloud's terrible sorting algorithm, it's really luck that I stumbled upon this awesome track. It's dark and bold, and while it lacks variation, I stayed interested throughout the whole thing. FREE DOWNLOAD.

6. Alexus, What I Want
The synths and bass are soft, but the drums come in hard as fuck. The versatility shown in this track is staggering and I'm really happy I found it. The only weak point I found was the bassline, I feel like it could have been cleaned up or made more prominent. Everything else -- the vocals, the drums, the synths -- are golden. FREE DOWNLOAD.

7. Fake Static Noise, Fall feat. Laurie Webb (Skyvoice Remix)
Still going strong with the liquid vibes, Skyvoice did a phenomenal job remixing this tune from Fake Static Noise. I like the variation on the snare, and the plucky synths and subtle bassline are very strong indicators of restraint and intelligence in production. FREE DOWNLOAD.

8. eXcess, The Mess Inside (Wolftek Remix)
I love the intro to this track so much, the build feels so natural in its progression. The drop is just as impressive, remaining thematic throughout the track and really demonstrating strong foresight in music theory. FREE DOWNLOAD.

9. Phaze Jackson, Streets (Oddsoul Remix)
Jungle drums over a superb liquid bassline and groove. It's a brilliant mixture of styles and rhythms and the slight hip-hop feel laid over the top by the vocals fits in really nicely, as well.

10. Sebastian Wing, Verve
This is probably a mixture of liquid and straight-up DnB, most similar to what Fox Stevenson is doing right now -- that mixture of happy chords and a DnB bpm. Personally I'm in love with this style so I don't really care what it's called. FREE DOWNLOAD.

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