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Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance Chart [Week #36]

Have you checked your funk levels lately? This week’s Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance chart is going to give you that annual dance checkup, we need you healthy and limber! Prepare to move, prepare to get down, it’s time to start building up that momentum to paint this town every shade of red. There is an edge to this week’s chart, a little bit of an assertive, borderline aggressive undercurrent that will have you looking so strong once you put your dancing shoes on. Summer may be in the rearview mirror, but on the horizon, I see nothing but fun for miles and miles!

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1. “Dangerous Days (Juan MacLean Remix)” Zola Jesus
Juan MacLean does it again, remix magic! This song takes me away, to a different time and place, to a wonderful dance floor of parties past.

2. “Be My Baby” Ariana Grande feat. Cashmere Cat (Edit)
An unexpected collaboration, but an amazing one that delivers! Cashmere Cat gives you his edit of his song with Ariana Grande, and boy can that man make a hit!

3. “Let Me See Your Hips” The Beatangers & Boogie Vice, Bunny Tiger
This song is everything every party wants to be and should be. It’s got an edge, it’s got innovation, it’s going to get you replaying it over and over again.

4. “Markert” Todd Osborn, Running Back Records
Groovy retro vibes keeping the fun alive. Listen to it and forget that I said that it gets nuts around the 2 minute mark.

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5. “Middle Age Romance” David K
David K’s mystical and alluring, this is almost what I might contend to be a nu-disco soundscape!

6. “Criminal Paradise” Yam Nor, Sleazy G
G House has that certain funkiness with a huge focus on dancing, that it could not go unmentioned or unseen in this chart! Yam Nor brings it hard and brings it right with this release on Sleazy G.

7. “To The Stars (Framewerk Remix)” Dude Skywalker, petfood
I imagine this is the type of song that gets you moving and then all of a sudden you and all your fellow dancers are floating higher and higher. Maybe it’s because it’s titled To The Stars, or maybe it’s just because this remix is extremely powerful.

8. “Sur Chic” Colour Vision, Mix Le Fun
Perfect daytime disco tune right here! This song massages the soul and excites the heart, Colour Vision is coming up strong!

9. “Victory” Michal Menert & Eliot Lipp
Say yes to electro soul, always and forever. The funk is in full effect thanks to the collaborative minds of Michal and Eliot.

Here is the full chart in playlist format just for you!

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