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Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance Chart [Week #38]


Deep in the woods, in a place well beyond civilization, we go deep and find only the most majestic Nu-Disco & Indie Dance music Mother Nature has to offer. The Top Nu-Disco & Indie Dance chart this week was plucked from ripe and delicious from trees pollinated by disco bees and neon colored bears ready to party. The Nu-Disco & Indie Dance scene is very healthy this week, and overflowing with goodness, so bring your best attitude and an open mind when you put these choons into your ears. Don’t fight their rich flavors, let them drip down to your heart and light a fire that’s going to make this a September to remember!

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1. “Not This Time” The 2 Bears, Southern Fried Records
Now my lead in for this week’s chart should make sense. THE BEARS ARE BACK! By god this album is going to give 2014 a bear hug! Joe Goddard lets it rip with his beautiful voice, and this song has so much energy and sounds like absolute perfection!

2. “Simple Love” Julio Bashmore feat. J’Danna, Broadwalk Records
Groove, groove, groove and don’t ever stop with this one. Julio Bashmore recently graced the cover of Mixmag, and you better believe this is a man to pay attention to! This song is smooth and mellow, it’s got a great build that slow burns to perfection.

3. “The Key” Breach ft. Kelis
Sure this song goes on the deeper housier side of things, but frankly this is a choon you’d hear many an amazing disco DJ/producer dropping mid disco set. Kelis’ vocals are smokey and wonderfully retouched by the 2013 king of Jack.

4. “Don’t Give It Away” Les Professionnels, Rock It Science Laboratories
Don’t dance alone, but do dance independently, and you better dance to this beautiful work of indie dance! Holy Ghost! better watch themselves, cause a Philadelphian trio seems ready to shake up the disco scene!

5. “Happy (FSQ Carribbean Disco Remix)” Robert Delong
Take your disco vibes on vacation I say, the Carribbean is looking great this time of year you say? Well, thank god FSQ took Robert Delong down to those beautiful beaches and brought it back with quite the on point remix!

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6. “Young” Blackbird Blackbird feat. Britt Warner
Absolutely wonderful sounds collide together for a soulful and loveable song overflowing with sentimentality and high quality production. Blackbird Blackbird can rock a set with the best of him, but his music is the exact music you fall in love to!

7. “Be Mine” Monsieur Adi
Holy Vocoders Guy Man! Monsieur Adi gets down with robofunk success! Those Punks that Daft would definitely tap their metallic feet and snap their titanium fingers to this tune, it’s not possible not to move once its funkiness has you!

8. “Games For Girls (Alex Metric Remix)” Say Lou Lou, Columbia Records
This year it feels like we should maybe retitle this chart to Top Alex Metric and everyone else. Alex Metirc probably could remix a blender if you asked him to… The man is a gift to good music, and this remix is a good music gift to you!

9. “Catching Fire (Ripa’s Cholo Remix)” The Trp & MIchael Tousana
Whoa, whoa, whoa this song is too cool for school. So beautiful and doing everything in the right way, the groove is alive, the vibe is fire, and god damn the energy is going to take you over!

10.”Golden Fang EP” Worthy, Trouble & Bass
Okay so this isn’t clearly nu-disco, but this EP has got me so excited and I just can’t hide it! Worthy’s done it again, and he’ll do it again, but right here he’s bit you with a golden fang! So yeah it hurts, but at least you were bit with some style!

Now dance like cute little bears! Here’s the playlist on soundcloud, get after it!

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