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Top Tropical House / Chill Music 2014 - Week 40

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Top Tropical House / Chill Music

The Sunshine Sandcastle is throwing a Pineapple Party and you’re all invited! The Palm Tree Princes and Princesses have spared no expense to make this the greatest Beach Ball the land has ever seen. Barons and barnacles alike will all find their heads bobbin, legs wigglin and vibes groovin to this lineup of instant coastal classics. We have simmering new tracks from some megastars, newcomers and everything in between. Welcome to the Koconut Kingdom....


1. “Sway (The Chainsmokers Remix)” Anna of the North, Republic Records
It's the supersoakers and sunburns life for us with this delightful daymaker by the party princes, The Chainsmokers. Their sweet, new tropical-infused remix packs a spiked fruit punch and is delicious to the last drop. The slowed down tempo is a refreshing beach bumpin vibe compared to the heavy heaters they’re known for. This rework of Anna of the North bathes you in a warm soft sunlight and is best served making out with your honey or hunk somewhere that clocks don’t exist.

2. “Back & Forth feat. Elizabeth Rose (Nora En Pure Remix)” The Aston Shuffle, Enormous Tunes
Mediterrean music at its finest. This heat-seeking missile hits on target to blow your mind with mesmerizing melody and an absolutely sexy set of pipes that lure you into range. Nora En Pure aka my darling lover girl is delivering the hottest tracks in the scene. Her euro-style groove is unmatched and the feels are so real. It makes me truly happy listening to this intoxicating sound, inspiring daydreams of white sand and watermelon margaritas.

3. “Take Me Away feat. Only Girl” Zero 7, Make Records
The lounge cats Zero 7 have emerged from the jungle with a new EP of tranquilizing tunes that they craft so well. This 8-minute swoon of a song embraces you the whole time with a euphoric, dancey vibe and electrifying vocals by featured singer Only Girl. The entire track gives you a great warm buzz and the breakdown about two thirds through spins you round and round til you’re dizzy. The instrumentals in that moment remind me of Holy Ghost’s ‘Dumb Disco Ideas’, another lengthy classic that keeps you shakin and movin all the way through.

4. “Intro (N2N Tropical Remix)” The XX
Bold, beautiful and beachy - allow me to introduce you to the new coastline composer on the block, N2N. This reimagining of The XX’s universally loved classic is a brave step into the sand for the New Yorker and you gotta tip your cap to him going for a big wave on his first ride. The silky, mysterious undertone of the original is well maintained and complimented with a new range of island instrumentals including a saxy serenade that will melt you. Find yourself on a hot summer night dancing in the sand under glowing moonlight with this solid start from a promising young artist.

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5. “Lucifer’s Eyes” T.O.L.D.
The steel drum gliding over your ears is just one of many crisp, luscious layers to this soulful dreampop tune from the UK native and born again Southern Californian T.O.L.D. There is a deeper, darker core to the track and the man behind it, but its hard to hear it encased in such an elated, ethereal air driving the song. Its a gorgeous coastline journey and whether or not it was breathed in with pain I think it breathes out with hope.

6. “Open Your Mind (Matoma Tropical Remix)” Naomie K
For how laid back his sound is, Matoma is working really hard to continually drop deepsea house bumpin beats for us to enjoy. Just in the last two months he’s given us countless jellyfish jammers with a wide range of style and tempo. His whistling, blinking, clinking remix of Naomie K has a great pace slicing through the waters on a catamaran headed to everywhere and nowhere.

7. “Just Fine (GAMPER & DADONI X Mingo Starr Remix)” MJB
We’re getting sassy. We’re getting bouncy. We’re getting housey. The footwork potential for this funkified force is what legends are made of. Mary J. Blige’s voice lends so well to this style of sound as was proven true by Disclosure and reaffirmed with this rebirthed block-rockin beat by GAMPER & DADONI x Mingo Starr. Future R&B/Soul/Garage is just captivating and uplifting when done right and this one is no slouch.

8. “Sweet Love” Tender Games, SUOL Records

The shimmering, liquified light shining off this track commisioned by SUOL Records for their Sumer Daze mix is burning into my eyes creating heart shaped sunspots that might never go away. Tender Games is one of my favorite new acts from this year with fresh notes of Disclosure-esque future garage and subtle R&B flavors to create a gourmet group everyone should try. Made up of two Berlin bred producers of their own success, producer focused HRRSN’s sundrenched synth rides into the friscalating dusklight and singer/instrumentalist Marlon Hoffstadt’s serenade envelopes you to great effect. Check out the label’s entire mix and Tender Game’s new self titled album.

9. “Come With Me” Average
Run the trop! All hands on deck and all hands up for the new party boat banger from Israeli artist Average. Feels like Flume on vacation mode with a high pitched title chorus that could lure you to walk the plank if it felt like it. Turn the speakers up and break out the power moves.

10. “GLAM (VIZO Remix)” Mosaics
The winner of Magnetic Mag and Mosaics Remix Contest deserves some major kudos for his subtle marimba style rework of Mosaic’s fun jam GLAM. It pops in all the right ways and their mixing work on this production is quite fine tuned for not having a lot of time to work on it. Bravo to the victors!

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