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[World Premiere] Bastian Salbart Releases 'Kill Me For The Thrill via High Contrast Records - File Under Trance


Hello, gorgeous.

Part rock-star, part DJ... full-time tear-jerker. Bastian Salbart has done it again-- turning an everyday studio session into a whirlwind of creativity, passion, and promise. The Polish producer's brand new release Kill Me For TheThrill is composed of both female and male vocals, a rare find in the world of Progressive Trance -- and now we wonder why... Why don't we do this more?! The give and take of the opposing vocals push a vivid, beautiful idea of love, authority and retreat through to listeners. The track paints a timeless picture of intimacy, mystery and the desire for our innermost human connections; yet also depicts the dark side of these cravings. It presents you with light, and almost immediately answers back with darkness. It throws out an idea of love, and takes it right back. Bastian conquered this track with an artistic vision we rarely come across in modern Trance productions today...

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"The track itself is conducted by a rough bass accompanied by other groovy bits, which perfectly balances the moody side of the production. With "Kill Me For The Thrill” released on High Contrast Recordings, Bastian Salbart shows us his consistency. He clearly knows where he is going and what he wants to attain. Bastian is like a good wine – the older the better, so soon he will mature to be one of the top ones out there." -- EC Management 

Kill Me For The Thrill will be released on High Contrast / Be Yourself Recordings on September 22, 2014. 

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