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Worthy Bites Hard With His 'Golden Fang EP'


Cool, oh so very cool, but be careful, he’s got some gnarly, golden sharp teeth on this one… The always consistent, ever deserving of the highest praise Worthy unleashes on his latest release on Trouble & Bass with his Golden Fang Ep ('Golden Fang' & 'The MZ').

Its got retro vibes harkening back to the best qualities of contemporary dance eras past and near present but still it’s imprinted with Worthy’s bass driven DNA that will get all the booties shaking and dance floors breaking into a nice sexy sweat. I love the attitude in 'The MZ' with the vocal:"Stay gone..." God damn, you better heed that warning, but at the same time you don't want to because truly when is it ever fun to be too safe?

This song is anything but predictable, so stay on edge and make sure your groove is consistent, or you might just be eaten alive if you are not cautious. Do not just take my word for it, A-Track, Catchdubs and Curses all give this EP their ever so refined thumbs up!

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Snag this release ASAP! They’re going fast, I mean the internet might run out! Better yet, make them run out!

Keep it up Worthy, as if you weren’t already doing big things, it seems 2014 has your name written all over it!

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