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7 Disclosure Remixes We Love And Recommend

Ten Of The Best Remixes of Disclosure Songs We Can Find

Everyone loves Disclosure. In the brotherly duo's rise to fame over the recent years, it seems as if every major DJ has taken a stab at remixing them- whether it's authorized or unauthorized.

We spent some serious time scouring Soundcloud for our favorites- of varying genres- and here are our selections for the best remixes of Disclosure:

1. Disclosure, “Help Me Lose My Mind” (SOHN Remix)
This remix sucked the soul right out of my body. With crisp vocals and waterfall melodies woven into a meticulously crafted build, it’s never easy to let this song hit its last few seconds without replaying it. If you’re looking so something with more bass, scope Mazde’s Flume-inspired remix.

2. Disclosure, “Latch” (SteLouse & Curious Kontrol Remix)
The timing and placement of each sound in this rework are perfection. Good vibes and goosebumps throughout. DJ Premier’s remix of this song is also worth checking out.

3. Disclosure, “You & Me” (Flume Remix)
After listening to Baauer’s remix of this track, Flume’s unique approach blew me away. This track defines Flume’s signature sound and paved the way for all the DJs who took notes. Another notable remix of this track belongs to Toro y Moi where, unlike most reworks of “You & Me,” the chorus builds and builds and builds...

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4. Disclosure, “F For YOU” (Onra Remix)
The Parisian DJ strung his beats seamlessly into this track, making it a slow smooth song to unwind to after a long day of pencil pushing.

5. Disclosure, “When A Fire Starts To Burn” (J.A.C.K. Remix)
Maybe I’m alone when I say the original version of this song makes me want to prick my eardrums with a sewing needle, but this remix is the only one I can tolerate. It’s chopped up and chilled out with a few funky breakdowns to tie everything together.

6. Disclosure, “Voices” (Le Youth Remix)
Strong vocals and a bouncy bass are two elements that dance music can’t thrive without. Grab your ride-or-dies and jam to this upbeat mix whether you’re at your lowest low or your highest high.

7. Disclosure, “White Noise” (XYconstant Remix)
I don’t even like house music and I groove to this song everyday. Ch-ch-check it.

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