Afrojack Is Having A Really Bad Day

It's A Bad Day For Afrojack As Richie Hawtin, deadmau5, & Troxler Throw Shade His Way


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What does a bad day look like for Afrojack? Well it may start off OK with Steve Angello giving you some props on twitter about the techno set you guys threw down a couple nights before. All good right? No. Enter Richie Hawtin:

Do we detect a hint of sarcasm? Yes? Maybe just a little. But maybe Richie was just being a nice guy and supporting Angello's and Afrojack's break from the big room norm and really wanted to hear the recording?


That's definitely the way Seth Troxler sees it, as he throws in these tweets:

All this picking on Afrojack and him just having some fun, playing a little techno in a set. It might get a little frustrating. So frustrating in fact that one might say... not pay attention to the road and crash your Ferarri?

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Yup, so this happenend:

That's Afrojack at the scene of Ferarri accident numero dos (the first was in 2013). Oops. Better hope deadmau5 doesn't catch wind of this because... oh no, here he comes:

It looks like some of the banter was deleted, but thanks to the GDE twitter feed, here it is in all its glory:

afrojack bad day

Always one to get the last word, deadmau5 closes with these memes:

Afrojack, we all have bad days, blue skies fade to gray. Just sing a long with us and you'll feel much better:


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