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San Francisco! Who is Ready to Treasure an Island?

Music festival lovers, do you ever suffer from severe cases of #FOMO? (For the internet illiterate Fomo = Fear Of Missing Out) Do you stay up at night tossing and turning trying to figure out how you will see all of your favorites at a music festival despite schedule conflicts? Are friends and family divided by set choices and festival strategies? Are you just straight up worried you'll miss all the festival? Well, if you are going to Treasure Island Music Festival, you are in luck! It's the absolutely ideal festival for anyone that wants to see a diverse lineup and see every single act. With only the Bridge and Tunnel stages and a renowned Silent Disco, it's the exact right amount of festival that is perfectly curated. Honestly, I can think of no better festival on the tail end of festival season with such an impressive diversity of top innovative talent with both emerging and established musicians alike.


In Treasure Island Music Festivals past and also as is evident with the current schedule, Saturday is generally a more dance music focused day, it's the day to get it started and party. Sunday is generally reserved for more rock oriented acts. This year for the entirety of the lineup, the most distinctive quality would be the potent set of vocalists who will be singing us all to a transcendent level of festival bliss. Prepare your ears for some amazing voices singing songs full of love, joy, heart break, romance and so many other wonderful aspects of the human condition.

Now, with all that being said, the lineup is so diverse, and if you play your cards right, you will see every act. Literally, you hypothetically could position yourself so you would only need to rotate forty five degrees to shift from the Bridge stage to the Tunnel stage, and you would see every major act. Now, this would mean you spend no time in the Silent Disco, which would most certainly be a misstep, but all in all, you get my point that this is a festival for music lovers. If you are a music connoisseur or just like good tunes every now and again, Treasure Island Music Festival is the festival to explore new things and also get every ounce of the acts you need to see. Here are my recommendations for the must see acts!



Some say MØ is electro music with guts, and she's drawn comparisons to Siouxsie Sioux and Janet Jackson... This Danish vocal import is going to be an early highlight of talent. I've been following her for a minute, and finally the time has come for her to conquer America.


Are you ready to dance? Are you ready for some soulful music that's made for dancing, activating your mind and just all around making you feel alive? Critical darlings Jungle are coming to Treasure Island ready to make something big happen. Their album has the ladies swooning and all the gentleman grooving. You got a date with Jungle at 4:05 pm on Saturday at the Bridge stage, don't be late.


With a sophmore album set for release on November 4th, Ryan Hemsworth is going to bring the moody, emotional filled set to the island. Check his recent video about his trip to nepal, he's branding it as an anti-EDM soundtrack. It's got me excited, I'm hoping Mr. Hemsworth puts on a set of substance and depth, all signs point to that.


I've always been a fan, but this year of our lord two thousand and fourteen I have seen Classixx, and I have seen the truth! They are as amazing live act as on their records. Amazing remixers and even better original composers, Classixx are well versed in what works with California crowds in the live setting. My tip to you, get front row, they always have a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to guest collaborators popping up during their live shows...


Synthpop and Treasure Island Music Festival are a match made in heaven. St. Lucia is the project helmed by South African Jean-Philip Grobler and with a distinct sound that is dreamy, nostalgic pop music with plenty of retro flourishes inspired by synthpop classics.

Saturday Silent Disco Recommendations!


A legendary influence in California house music, representing Green Gorilla Lounge and half of Sleight of Hands DJ M3 will be bringing his tried and true party experience right into those silent disco headphones for a memorable sunset set. It's going to be a tasteful set, with a whole bunch of diversity, listen his recent Disco Knights set from Burning Man this year.

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1/2 of Lisbona is going to be closing out your Saturday night right. Her sound is always eclectic, but her selections are on point for, the vibe will be very alive and you'll be dancing without a doubt. Keeping it fun and funky with a healthy bassline, Laura's going to take very good care of your silent disco needs.




Whoa there buddy, you need to probably get some sort of permit for that there voice, Ásgeir, you can't be just whipping that out in public, you'll scare people with all that romantic power! So much sex, so much wonderful folktronica, this is a going to be an ideal afternoon set. Fun and light, but diving deep in the right moments.


I could say so many things, but I'll just say this, Banks, I love her! Her album Goddess is an amazing project with some of the biggest producers working with Ms. Banks to show her impressive vocal range and diversity in style. She's got style, she's got strength, she's got grave, she's just simply got it!


Australia has been exporting only the finest in electronic music, and I regard Chet Faker to be no exception. Soulful and with a keen sense of what makes effective electronic dance music, Chet Faker knows what he is doing, and just wait until you hear him sing.


I feel like TV on the Radio needs no introduction, nor any hype up, but let this be the set for the lovers. They make such beautiful music, music from the heart and music that just strikes you deep to the core of the being. I know that I'm probably going to need a minute after they play 'Will Do'... Can't wait for their new album!


This is no ordinary headliner. This is the legendary Massive Attack, and this is one of the best qualities of Treasure Island Music Festival, they always make masterful picks and seduce the gods somehow to the middle of the bay. If you don't know Massive Attack, I know that you have heard them. Richly textured, well produced, and just the type of music that sticks with you, haunting, never leaving. I can't wait!

Sunday Silent Disco Recommendation!


This ain't your mother's silent disco, this is going to MPHD's silent disco to close it out, and he's going to bring the heat. He's going to have it all from tech house to deep house to his original productions, and you'll love every second of it. He's known for his surprises, he will push you out of your comfort zone, but trust me, it's for your own good. I'm a huge fan of MPHD, and after Sunday, I know you will be too, Silent Disco enthusiasts!

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