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Best New Tropical House 2014 - Week 43

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Best New Tropical House 2014 - Week 43

It’s all about that lounge life. The warm autumn nights are perfect for patio relaxing, roadtrip adventures with seats back, windows down cruising everywhere and nowhere and enjoying the harvests of life. We worked really hard at partying this summer but now its time to do a little feet up relaxing and soak in the simple sounds that still make our heartbeat flutter.

Take some time for yourself with these tracks, find a new activity to enjoy with your free time and be open to whatever may round the corner. I woke up the other morning and the day had that soft amber glow and crisp air you breath in deep. It was a nice welcome to a new time of the year and I wanted to try out a bit more of a melodic, sexy, simple sound to this chart to match. It’s the top tropical and chill music for a new season and let’s all be excited for what’s silhouetted on the horizon.

Quick Note: The full playlist can be found at the bottom of this article if you just wanna jam all the way through! Enjoy


1. “From Gold (Henri Pfr Remix)” Novo Amor
Boose Gumps. You can’t help but melt into this absolutely gorgeous song from Henri Pfr and Novo Amor. It begins with a trickling intro with chill natural soundscapes and glides off on the back of a melodic acoustic guitar into a Bon Iver-esque vocal arrangement by Novo Amor. Belgium’s Henri Pfr has added a wave riding house vibe that will elate you and sedate you all at once.

2. “Cool Enough (Extended Mix)” Spada & Elen Levon
This song has a subtle sexiness that will wrap you up and not let you go until hours of replays later. You can’t help but wanna be bad and boy does it feel good to ride this acoustic strumming, bass humming inhibition eliminator. Italian producer Spada teams up with Aussie siren Elen Levon for a mesmerizing melter that will have you coming back for elevenths.

3. “Sun Goes Down (ManiezzL Remix)” Robin Schulz feat. Jasmine Thompson
This year in electronic music has been solar powered by warm melodic house tunes from many emerging artists including the man behind the ‘Waves’, Robin Schulz. His fine tuned, bouncing cruiser featuring a sexy serenade from the lovely Jasmine Thompson gets even chiller with ManiezzL's synth wrenching, bongo boppin rework. I put this song on here for one reason and one reason only, to dance. Now Dance Monkey! DANCE!

4. “Beggin For Thread (Gryffin & Hotel Garuda Remix)” BANKS
I just got to fall in love with BANKS for the second time this year at Treasure Island Music Festival in San Francisco and I would give anything to dance around with that gorgeous pixie in the sunshine to this energizing elixir remix of her hit song. I’ve heard quite a few people talking about this track and its got an infectious vibe that makes you feel all the feels. It plays to the strengths of her voice and the hard hits of the original while adding a depth of bassy bounce, percussive pops and a little spice of everything nice.

5. “When Will I See You Again (Amtrac Remix)” Shakka, Super Music Group
Amtrac continues to prove he’s one of the finest producers of recent years with yet another remix that reaches outside his boundaries, eclipsing what you thought he was capable of. Its got that fresh flavor as most of his songs do, remixing a tune about young love and erupting with passionate moments that make you see the lighter side of life. The melodic house tempo pops, Shakka’s soulful vocals resonate and it all simmers into something everyone will enjoy. I think Amtrac is ready to start working on some originals of this nature and show what kind of production he can incorporate into a live performance. Pretty please.

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6. “Hey Mami (Big Wild Remix)” Sylvan Esso
Okay I’ll admit it. I put this song on here because its my favorite jam right now. It was the theme song for me and my best friends’ past weekend together and its got one of the hottest grooviest beats you’ve ever heard. I’ll give you three reasons why you should listen and turn it up loud. ONE. It sounds like a pack of the chillest elephants raging together swinging their trunks around their heads. TWO. Because you will turn into one of those elephants too once you start listening. THREE. Why are you still reading this?

7. “Swan Song (Kidnap Kid Remix)” Submotion Orchestra
This is the kind of song you should take home to your mother. Its an absolute beauty and deserves to be treated right. Find the perfect place to unwind to it with, let it it take you by the hand and follow its lead. You will be glad you did.

8. “Heaven (Thero Remix)” DJ Sammy
Tropical House has always had a throwback vibe to it with a sound that should be sponsored by Capri Sun and Maui Jim. Thero has given us some solid sandy remixes so far but this is the first time he’s taken a track from way back and injected it with that island flavor we can’t get enough of. The classic original is one of the first big electronic songs we all came to love and its just so nice to feel it again wading in some turquoise water and blue skied sunshine.

9. “I’m Here” Mokoa feat. Guitk

Coming in hot with two hard hitting essientials of the tropical house genre is a way to win my heart. This original by Mokoa rains down with a monsoon of sax and slapping bongos and finishes off strong with a smoky roomed vocal by crooner Guitk and percussion ensemble that sounds like it was recorded on whatever was laying around the kitchen

10. “Illusions” POOM, Partyfine
Welcome to POOMtown. The French disco vibe is grooving strong and even if you can’t understand what they’re singing about you can feel it. Let the guitar spin you around, lose yourself to dance and grab the nearest discobabe to join you. The Partyfine crew has some absolute fine composers at their fingertips and this is one of their strongest synth soaked smile inducers yet.

Full Chart below with a couple extra tracks added on for dessert. Groove on…

Photo Cred: Liz "Doinglebabe" England

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