Chart: Best Electro & Progressive House Music 2014- Week 41


Chart: Best Electro & Progressive House Music 2014- Week 41

If you're looking for the definitive guide to the 10 best electro and progressive house tracks this week, you've come to the right place! This week, Leon Boiler makes a bold return to the scene with an impressive new track at the number 1 spot. The harder electro sounds of Dim Mak and Smash the House help round out the top 3. Who wants to live in a small room when you can live in the big room?

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1. "Mind Games" Leon Boiler, Spinnin' Records
Although the intro melody starts simple, Boiler quickly crafts a monstrous drop on top of it. The synth leads sound like a time warp. Out November 3rd.

2. "Everybody Go!" Vice, Dim Mak Records

This track is hot shit with an addictive bassline, pitch-bending synths and rapid percussive hits. 1, 2, everybody GO! Available as free early download now and via Beatport on October 17th.

3. "Voyager" Sergio Mauri & Boostedkids, Smash the House

Newcomers to this chart Sergio and Boostedkids earn a well-deserved spot with some of the hardest, dirtiest synths to play in a big room. Electro is alive and kicking. Out October 13th.

4. "Rafiki" Aylen, Hysteria Records

Featured on Hysteria Records' first EP, this track is presumably named after the baboon Lion King character. This is a tribal jam track with monkey vocal drops all over the place. Out now.

5. "We Are One" Wolfpack and We Are Loud, Smash the House

Watch out for this dynamic duo. Wolfpack and We Are Loud team up to give you an electro banger of epic, orchestral scale. Out now.

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6. "Bang Bang" (Dada Life Remix) Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj, Casablanca Records

Dada Life hits back with this pop song turned big room destroyer. Sending the vocals of Jessie, Grande and Minaj into an infinite loop, the producer pair cranks out a heavy-hitting drop that pitch-bends the pop stars' voices. Out now.

7. "Striker" Justin Prime, Dim Mak

The intro electro synths in Justin Prime's new original are wild and jumpy. Raising the pitch exponentially, Prime pulls the rug out and leaves us with a hypnotizing beat. Out now.

8. "Fatality" (Quintino Edit) Pep & Rash, Spinnin' Records

Quintino lends a helping producing hand to Pep & Rash, leaving behind hypnotizing synth leads and a medium-energy future house-esque drop. Gotta love the Mortal Kombat reference! Out October 27th.

9. "Angels x Demons" Julian Jordan, Spinnin' Records

Uplifting vocals will raise your spirits into a compelling hard-edged progressive drop. Julian Jordan can't be stopped. Out November 21st.

10. "Knock It Down" Matt Zanardo, Hysteria Records

Another stellar track on Bingo Players' record label EP, Zanardo wastes little time with light intro melodies and immediately starts mounting the energy in favor of a massive room destroyer punctuated by pump-up vocal drops. Out now.

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