deadmau5 Wins Bottom 100 DJs Competition!


deadmau5 Wins Bottom 100 DJs Competition!

While anticipation is mounting for the announcement of the top 100 DJs results tomorrow, it looks like we have a winner for the Bottom 100 DJs - deadmau5 (AKA Joel Zimmerman)!

Much pomp and circumstance has been circulating the interwebs since the award was announced, and in true deadmau5 fashion, he took to twitter to voice thanks to his fans.

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An obviously humbled deadmau5 could not be reached for comment, but we can only imagine the thrill and honor that comes with being the first DJ/Producer to ever win this prestigious award. This is truly a crowning achievement for the mau5! He event beat out in demand "it" DJ, DJ Paris Hilton.

It looks like Joel cannot wait to collect his prize:

Congratulations to all the talent that made the illustrious list this year. You can view all the full rankings here.

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