Did dirtybird Daft Punk the World After All?


So... Was it them? Did two elusive and mysterious french robots come out to support dirtybird during the Red Bull Music Academy Culture Clash? Is it finally happening? Is Daft Punk going to surprise everyone and take over every stage at Coachella ever? COULD THIS BE REAL LIFE?

I can tell you as a member of the audience at the Red Bull Music Academy Culture Clash, when the two men wearing robot suits dramatically rose up to take dirtybird's decks, everyone laughed, we all loved it, and not a single person in San Francisco thought there was any validity to the claim that the actual robots were there. Just watch the video from our instagram and judge for yourself.

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I don't think Thomas Bangalter dances quite like that... I could be wrong, but I really doubt the very calculated producers would go this route to kick off their anticipated but yet to be announced world tour. Who knows? The world is a weird and wonderful place... Those suits though CERTAINLY were the real deal... Epic points to the dirtybird crew for having the courage to have that much fun and goof the world!

Fundamentally though, it was a lot of fun, an amazing event! Stay tuned for full event coverage!

Photo credit Worthy of dirtybird!

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