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Disagree With The DJ Mag Top 100 Results? Re-Rank Them Here!

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Disagree With The DJ Mag Top 100 Results? Re-Rank Them Here!

U mad at the DJ Mag Top 100 results this year? Judging by the backlash on social media, we bet a lot of you are. And we can't argue with a lot of the gripes we hear - while some of the results are clearly subjective, there are others that just don't make any sense. Now is your chance to voice your opinion.

So if you think Hardwell didn't deserve the number 1 slot, or say there is no way that this guy should be ranked higher than that guy, go ahead and re-rank them below. Vote your favorites up, vote the douchers down. Think somebody should be on this list and isn't? Well, add them on... there is no filter here. This ranking is truly up to you.

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We'll revisit it at the end of the week and see what Magnetic readers really think. Please use the comment section to discuss your positions as well.

Let's bring back the m#therf%*kin' DJ!

UPDATE 10/24 9 AM:   Voting has closed and the final results can be seen below.  Analysis of the results can be seen HERE.TO VIEW THE COMPLETE LIST ON RANKERCLICK HERE .  Thank you all for participating in this!

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