Doob Group Launches Dooblicator Pop Up Shop In Santa Monica This Weekend


Doob Group Launches Dooblicator Pop Up Shop In Santa Monica

DOOB GROUP LAUNCHES THE DOOBLICATOR Pop Up Shop In Santa Monica On Saturday October 25th

Los Angeles! Always wanted an action figure of yourself? We this weekend the DOOBLICATOR Scanning Dome will be installed at the DOOB 3D Pop-Up Store in Santa Monica at Santa Monica Place. It's opening this Saturday. Doob Group focuses 3D- technology modules and products that we kick off with - 3D-printed, life-like Figurines. Check out the Loco Dice figurines above to see the detail!

So if you want to be immortalized, now is your chance! Head by the Santa Monica place this weekend, get 3D Scanned, and have your likeness live on forever.

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Santa Monica Place
395 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica, CA

Details on DOOB Group and DOOBLICATOR:


DOOB GROUP AG is a German 3D-technology company, headquartered in Düsseldorf and with additional operations in Berlin, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo. DOOB offers private and corporate clients customized high-end 3D-services with innovative products and solutions. 3D-Technology and 3D Printing, especially in combination with 3D scanning and data processing are going to change the world in a revolutionary manner. DOOB GROUP AG is one of the technology pioneers for integrated 3D-solutions and already provides state-of-the-art applications for a variety of uses and market segments already today.
DOOBLICATOR Scanning System opens new dimensions.

With the launch of the DOOBLICATOR, DOOB democratizes the three- dimensional photo for everyone. Fast, precise and completely uncomplicated. With just one click, everyone can become part of the digital 3D-world: as a physical 3D-model based on the individual scan-data set or as a personalized, digital avatar entering the widths of the worldwide web.

The DOOBLICATOR is a mobile, contactless, full body scanning system that ensures quick (0,01 sec) and highly precise detection of the human body and other complex surface structures. With the DOOBLICATOR, DOOB opens revolutionary new possibilities in creation, development and launch of highly customized physical and digital products.

The DOOBLICATOR is suitable for professional event-coordinators, brands and companies that want to leverage state-of-the-art 3D technology for new and spectacular forms of presentations at concerts, sports-events, fashion shows, weddings, trade shows or corporate-events. Utilizing the DOOBLICATOR

Scanning System, DOOB ensures that a specific moment and experience will be preserved forever.
The "DOOBLICATOR" enables fans, visitors, employees and customers to get live-scanned at an event or location and 3D-printed afterwards utilizing the digital and physical production process of DOOB. Thus, the person becomes an integral part of the event and gets the opportunity to hold and preserve an exceptional event-experience in form of a personalized 3D-print.

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