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Exclusive Premiere: Terravita - Rawdog [Fuel To The Fire EP out 10/14]

Exclusive Premiere: Terravita - Rawdog [Fuel To The Fire EP out 10/14]

Only half a year since the release of their massive Rituals LP, Terravita are back at it again with Fuel To The Fire. The four-track EP will be out October 14th.

The trio have already begun to embark on the Safe In Sound tour as one of the supporting acts for Flux Pavilion, Adventure Club, and Destroid. This EP is no doubt getting substantial play from the boys during their sets as they test out new material on bass-hungry audiences. 'Rawdog' is the third track of the EP and has the signature Terravita sound we've all come to love. The perfectly tuned bass growls and pan flute synths are the main focus of the track and persist throughout most of it.

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There's a lot to be said about a group that can develop such a strong signature sound. Sometimes it can be detrimental to the creativity of the group, having to stay within the confines of that sound. Terravita have broken the mold and have managed to stay fresh with their sound across dozens of releases and still manage to make their sound remain relevant and exciting.

You can pre-order the EP on iTunes now.

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