Free Download: Maroon 5 "Maps" (Will Sparks Remix)


Free Download: Maroon 5 "Maps" (Will Sparks Remix)

Australia's number one DJ recently reached a monumental moment in his career when he acquired a quarter of a million followers. Will Sparks, or better known as the Melbourne Bounce Pioneer has been riding a musical roller coaster of success, and he has no intentions of getting off. Making it his goal to  bring that Melbourne style to people all over the world, it's safe to say he has achieved that and even more.

No better way to give back to the fans that helped him get to this point then release a track for free. This time he took his creativity to a whole new level by remixing "Maps" by Maroon 5. Keeping that style that we all love him for, accompanied by the beautiful voice of Adam Levine, this remix is sure to make you groove.  Take a listen, close your eyes, clear your mind, and just bounce!

Download the track here.

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