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Gear Review: Razer Adaro DJ Headphone

Find out if Razer's new Adaro DJ headphone is right for you as Razer moves beyond just laptops.
Gear: Razer Adaro DJ Headphone Review

Unless you are big on gaming you probably have not heard of Razer Headphones before. Razer’s DNA is really in high powered custom gaming computers but the brand has recently started to branch out into audio and high end DJ/producer laptops (more on that later).

Enter the Adaro DJ model. In a sea of DJ headphones it seems almost futile to enter such a saturated and niche market but Razer has delivered a pretty solid product. Magnetic got a hold of a pair and ran it through some our standard testing procedure, here are the results…

How Do They Look?

Aesthetically they are par for the course, nothing too innovative with the design keeping a fairly standard look and feel. In fact they kind of remind us of the classic Sony MDR-700s that were so popular back in the late 90s early 00s. The cool thing about these is that no one is going to know what they are giving you style points if you care about that sort of thing. There is also something for a clean all black color way, it’s more sleek and the bright neon green adds just enough pop.

How Do They Feel?

These are some of the most comfortable DJ headphones we have ever tested. Being comfortable sounds like it should be pretty standard but so many DJ headphones just aren’t, so this is a huge plus during those long sets/flights. We have used just about every DJ headphone out there and the Adaro is right up there with the AiAiAi in regards to comfort. The ear cups are plush and the units are overall pretty light with a mixture of metal/plastic construction. The construction is pretty solid but chances are with heavy use you will see the plastic pieces start ware faster,

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Gear: Razer Adaro DJ Headphone Review

How Do They Sound?

These are DJ headphones first and foremost so the low end and mids are the most prominent with the highs lacking just a bit. We tested them out with a standard DJ set-up and found them to be more than adequate to mix with in both a live DJ scenario and at our studio. The bass is nice and clear in really loud environments, the mids and even the highs are clean allowing you to make really precise and intricate mixes. We also tested them out with our iPhone and the sound was quite good considering they are made for DJing as most DJ headphones really don’t do well for normal everyday use.

Should I Buy Them?

Overall the Razer Adaro DJ headphone is a solid piece of gear for the price point. They work well as both DJ headphones and can double up as a consumer style headphone so you don’t have to roll out with two sets of cans on the road, which is nice (unless you like to use them to make calls, the Adaro’s have no mic cable). They do falter when it comes to really sharp highs but that never impeded on their DJ/mixing performance. They are really comfortable, fairly sturdy and stand out among the herd simply because they are a new/fresh brand on the scene. If you are looking for a new pair of DJ headphones the Razer Adaros are worth taking look/listen.

Price $199 MSRP: More Here

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