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Glastonbury Bans Sale Of Native American Headdresses

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Glastonbury Bans Native American Headdresses

Let's face it, if you wear a Native American headdress to a festival you're pretty much a tool. Why? Well, you're taking something sacred to a culture, slapping it on your head, and making it profane by saying it's part of your spiritual journey - and by spiritual journey we mean being three pills in, listening to Dillon Francis' set right next to the Heineken tent... wow, that's deep brother.

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It turns out our friends across the pond have the right idea, as Glastonbury Festival has banned the sale war bonnets/headdresses at the festival. Mixmag broke the news on an online petition earlier today:

Glastonbury has stepped up and prohibited the sale of war bonnets, the traditional Native American battle garment/EDM kandi raver accessory, after a petition was filed to have the controversial festival accessory added to the prohibited vendor item list.

An online petition organized by Daniel Round of the West Midlands received 65 signatures, giving an impassioned plea for the UK's biggest festival to “lead the way this side of the pond in raising awareness of the issues surrounding the wearing of feathered headdresses.”

Here in the United States, the Lucidity Festival has already banned Native American headdresses from festival grounds, citing cultural appropriation reasons. Other festivals, such as Coachella, are under pressure to ban them all together, yet have not yet taken action.

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